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the Order of Karma

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we are the Order of Karma, or short OK.

A bunch of funny nice people, well, or at least nice ones :)

loving and enjoying EL, as single individuals, in the guild and with all the people throughout the lands of Draia, also trying to be fun and help for others.


If you like to take a closer look, we have a Guildsite and a Forum, where you can also register to say hello, make conversation in the EL section or just waste your time in the Off Topic.


OK is recruiting. We like pure levellers as much as pure roleplayers and everything in between. We are a quite peaceful guild, but we allow honourable PK in our guild. Newbies are always welcome.

We don't want bagjumpers, scammers or outlaws, but all kind of profession is welcome.


If you'd like to join, you can PM me, Moriko (in english and german) or Keiko (german only), or leave us a post in our forum.


Thank you and Have Fun!

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