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I posted this topic already in the suggestions forum, but was told it would be more suitable to post it here, so that's why i do that.


Hi. I read some threads about links from the inventory to the necyclopedia or formula bots and such stuff. In my oppinion it would be completely sufficient if the encyclopedia contained links to go backward in the production process. So actually to put links on all the ings, tools and knowledge books needed to make a specific item. This would allow players to navigate it more freely instead of going forward only and using the Back-buttons at the top of the page. I would not recommend underlining these new links though, since too much underlining makes a text in general unreadable. Just adjust the textcolour a little, so everyone knows they're links. In my oppinion this would greatly enhance the usability of the ency and might not require much work. (In html this could be done in less than 1 day, but i don't know anything about c)

With best regards,



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<link ref="LINKTO" title="NAME"/>

*Creates a link to page name LINKTO, printing NAME as the link name.



The functionality is already in there apparently. It would really help, it's helped other games with encyclopedias immeasurably

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I have a feeling that adding all those links manually would be very time consuming and prone to lots of errors and typos.


There are some fan sites that are database driven that do work like that. Personally, I think the in-game encyclopedia does a great job as being a quick on-the-fly reference!!

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Duh, it's not SO easy... imagine that you have to add those links to almost all items in the game (except raw ingredients, flowers i.e.).

You'll have to replace those names with links... it can be done _quite_ fast, by replace function, but still - it's a lot of work.

Anyway, idea is good. Some of the items already have their links (often in description 'used for'). I guess more links will be added in the future, but not all of them at once. Like the main ecny page says: "under development".

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