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The Curse of Mortos

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The Curse of Mortos

The Curse of the Undead


Only hours after The Great War ended Mortos had placed a curse upon the lands, or at least it's considered a curse to us, perhaps a blessing to his followers. His curse was that none of his minions, monsters, beasts, every foul creature that ever roamed the lands and brought death and fear to its inhabitants, should never truly die. Imagine the terror of warriors on a battlefield, striking down a monster only to watch in horror as it rose again several moments later. It is a foul curse and defiles the concept of life and death that the gods have taught us.


But The Curse is a part of our world, some of us live in hope that it will one day be destroyed, but until such a time might come, we must suffer through it. For now, all we can do is know what the curse is, and teach it to those around us. Too many people have misconceptions and wrong ideas about the curse, and it can be over-exaggerated. So here it is spelled out, simple and plainly, so that we may all know the curse that defiles our lands, and beg the gods for change.




In most senses of the word, the creatures affected by the curse do in fact die. You run them through with a sword, they suffer an illness, or whatever it may be, and they appear to die. The creature will fall lifeless, their blood stops running, their skin grows cold. Their eyes will stare wide-opened but see nothing, no breath will come, no movement, death. But this state is only temporary; they are not truly dead, for they return again, and will continue to return forever, unless the gods bless us with a cure.




Sometime after their supposed demise (the time length varies every time, sometimes as quickly as several moments, or as long as several hours) life returns to them. Their dead corpse fades into dust on the ground, and their spirit flees, drawn back to its place. There, wherever the beast is cursed to always return, flesh forms again, bone and muscle grow in seconds, skin appear, fur, hair, eyes. Its a frightening picture, but it happens in only seconds, the foul black magic creating a new housing for the cursed spirit, exactly identical to the one it bore before. Then the beast is free once more to ravage the lands and bring what death it will, before undergoing the same process once more.




The one comfort of the curse, is that the spirits of the beasts are bound to a certain place. It is believed that when the curse was placed wherever a creatures was at that time is where its spirit became tied to. Always, even if they be a thousand miles away, the spirit returns to the land it's from and reforms there.


They Are Everywhere


The Curse of Mortos brought monsters to lands that had never seen them before. Foul creatures began to appear in regions untouched by them previously, very few true safe places remain in the world. And even in those areas, the cursed creatures may appear. For when Mortos sees fit to bring about destruction and disturb the peace, he opens gateways from other parts of Draia and brings new monsters to our lands. Many of the other gods despise Mortos's treatment of Draia and work hard to prevent him from doing so. Yet when they fail, brave mortal warriors hold such creatures at bay until Aluwen or one of the other gods can stop Mortos and block the gateway, restoring the fragile 'peace' we more often enjoy.


Creatures Affected


The creatures, and the ONLY creatures that are affected by the curse are as follows (thank the gods we're not touched by it);


















And whatever other foul beasts hide in the far reaches of the world that Mortos has not yet released upon us.

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