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Ok Tell Me The Basics..

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Ok basically.. anyone tell me the basics of how to start off Tailoring ??

Much Appreciated ~~Gryflet --ox :P

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Make your thread (get as much as you can yourself, you will lose too much money only buying the fabrics already).

There's no easy way to start :) White Fabric is your key :P

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thread doesnt level tailoring..but he is right in the cost-department..:P


Looms are expensive, but you can sell back the white fabric to buy new ones untill you are high enough to mape dye.


Beware, dont start this skill to make money, you have to enjoy the skill, you wont make much money on it.

The levels to make something valuable are extremely high, and even then, it wont sell for much.





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You should decide right away whether you want to just bring up your levels because you don't like having a zero somewhere, or whether you really want to be a tailor. Tailoring requires a lot of other skills (or friends, or even more money). You need high harvest level for dung, high eng level to convert to saltpeter, and lots of patience to make lots of essences. It's pretty much a full time job.


If you just want to make a few levels:

The above advice is good. Start with white fabric, and sell it back to either Tailor or Adarah to recoup most of your money. You need a book in order to make this fabric, it's available in EVTR and costs 10k (I think). While there you should also buy the book for orange dye unless you want to depend on the special day where you don't have to have the knowledge to make something (Scientist Day). The dye book costs 5k.

After you've leveled at least 15 levels on fabric, switch to orange dye. You need a lot of wes, roses, and sunflowers. The vials cost 20 gc each, but you can sell back the dye for 25 gc, so it's not too bad. Rinse and repeat, as they say, until you get tired of it or are happy with your level.


If you want to really get into tailoring:

Basically follow the above, but you'll need to buy all the dye books, plus fabric dyeing plus the books for the clothes. That alone costs you something like 100k gc. Keep leveling on orange until you can make yellow, green, blue, and purple. You'll need a lot of gc for this because of the vials and food alone, as well as saltpeter (either home made or bought). You should make about 20k dye of these colors (EXcluding the orange, and don't make any red at this point, it costs too much money for the limited experience you get).

After making about 20k flower-based dye, go and get about 200k coal. Now use it up to make black dye. After this, you're ready to start coloring your fabric and make hats etc. without horrible failure rates. I'm not sure what level you'll be at this point, but I estimate about 40 or 45 maybe at the most.

You'll want to continue making mostly black dye and then start coloring your white fabric (if you haven't sold it, otherwise you'll have to make more). You need several hundred thousand AEs for that, so happy diamond muling.

I pretty much still level by making black dye and black fabric, with a smaller emphasis on the other fabrics. At last count I had something like 17k colored fabrics plus obviously I have thousands of dyes (except black, I'm always out of black) and a couple of each piece of clothing.



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