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PK Greetings

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Don't mean to seem pushy, but there ought to be 'greetings' thread for the PK server so I'm starting one. Didn't know where else to put this!



Piggy is going to stick around a while. I took the winter off to hibernate but now I want to get back into EL and I'm loving the way PK is working out.


You won't see any more Mugwump posts in the PK forums, it's all Piggy from here on in! Mugs stays on the main being nice to people!


As I don't expect to be a very good PK'er, I named my character after Piggy from the book/movie 'Lord of the Flies'. He's the four-eyed fat kid with asthma that doesn't survive til the end. So you need not phear me... heh, heh.... I may spam in channel some favorite quotes from the book that I found on the web, and I highly recommend the read to anyone unfamiliar with the book. William Golding netted a Nobel prize for writing it, and it fits PK very well!


“Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong—we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat—!”


See ya in the underworld! ~ Piggy

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Well greetings, I am Lonewolfe your = opportunity PKer, also rule enforcer for the time being. :D I have the job until someone else can take it. :P


MY personal rules of PK I will pk anyone anytime but will not herass PK. Meaning unless you come back to me I generally only pk you once in a 6 hour period. Their are some exceptions to this rule.


Basically means you killed an alt of mine. :)


Have fun PK hard play harder.

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spirited by name... spirited by nature.


i'm one of the suppliers on the pk server ( though you all know that anyway :P )


i'm also pretty much the same on pk server as i am on main.... so if i get pked... put your earplugs in... as i will certainly have something to say :omg:


seriously though. i love it here. i know i take the chance of being pked... but that just adds to the fun.


soooooo see you all around


spirited :)

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Lots of replies! And bios! Thanks! Let's see more bios, too.


Hi SL7yz0r! They did drop a rock on Piggy, but they were really trying to help him. It was the worlds largest Rostogol! :)

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In a "struck of luck" I decided to try the PK server because I was too tired from some things on the main server, most of them related to PK.

Not only did I found a lot of "Old School" aspects that I love (and everyone else too) but I also found a great community. Adult players that have their own rules and will apply them when needed to help maintain the great spirit.


PK server Sego (soon to be Segor most of the time) :whistle:

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Hi im the Handyman :evilgrin:


stopped playing main about a year ago or so (still have a char to say hi now andsthen)


Was talked into returning by SL7yz0r and got hooked again


Pk server Has great community (glad to say the trouble makers at the begining didnt last long and now we all have fun)


Still miss some of you guys that left before we sorted it all out


I have the capabilities and the stats to pk anyone as some have found out :icon13:


But the pk server is also about team work (team up on a higher lvl player and you can beat them)


My alts manu and craft for my enemies as well as my guildies the more formidable the better the fight


I will run to any Damsel in distress but get a binding stone when im next to you and i would even PK my mother he he


Handy Thor

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