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Our locks and bans policy:

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I am posting this to let you all know that there will be a slight modification in how the moderating team will be handling locks and bans. Entropy (Radu) and I together have worked out what we both believe to be a very good working model for consistent and effective moderation.

Locks and IP bans will now be an automatic 1 month. No negotiations, no running to Ent to get around big bad Aisy/Asgnny/Ghrae/Thyralax. Also the standard inventory wipe/stats reductions will be kept if appropriate for the crime. It will be on the locked/banned player's head to come back 1 month later to be reinstated. If they do something else normally lock worthy, another 1 month ban will be given. If they violate the ban or start complaining/whining during this period, their clock starts over. If a player has a lock on his main character and creates more trouble on an alt, the original locked main character will have an extended lock, in addition to a potential lock of the alt depending on the crime. (Obviously if you earned an IP ban, you better not have any alts) If this keeps repeating, they will get a more serious punishment, some examples could be a 2 month ban, or possibly on a case by case basis, a perma-ban. This will apply to ALL players, no exceptions.

This does not replace our kicks, warnings, mod pm's, boots, mutes, etc. Those as always will be on an as needed case-by-case basis.

Note: Illegal multiplay cases will not be allowed to have the illegal mules/alts unlocked and back ingame, ONLY the main character (no new alts either).


If you have any questions please feel free to forum pm me. It is much easier to concentrate on you via forum communication rather than ingame, where there are too many distractions and people pulling me in multiple directions.

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