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storage substring search and bot chat colors

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First: Storage Substring search command.

Perhaps #ssto <thingyhere>, it would display all items from storage that contain "thingyhere" in their name.

(Woah, deja vu). For me, it was much more convienent to tell someone how many I had of an item to go "#ssto fire" than "#sto", then click "essences", then mouse over the fire essences.

It's just bringing back old code and features, keeping all new features.


Second: Bot channel chat recoloring

In order to make channel bot identification easier, make bot text on channel (maybe in local as well) the same purple as their names. Color for channel is already sent by server (anyone else remember winter Isla Prima?), so this would also be a server change. Entirely possible since the server already knows each bot. Might also cut down on bot impersonations, since currently channel chat is cleansed of color codes.

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