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Update 1.5 - who did what

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This is the easiest way to gather all the stuff all the programmers have done, so if you've programmed anything, please post here exactly what you've done and what you'd like credit for. If someone isn't around and you know what they did, you may post for them.


Thank you all so much for helping us make this update guys! :icon13:







Vegar: clickable continent map.

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small stuff:

- lots of testing, generally related to OSX, especially the new sound system

- oscillating GUI elements (cooldown, clickable continent map)

- mines for the minimap

- heat/cold/radiation shield eye candy



Mac OS X client (intel only)

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New sound system (the original author should also be credited for the initial work on this)




I'll have to think about the rest. I've done a few other things though (as well as heaps of bug fixes).

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Since I'm not really involved these days, I can't be bothered, but what I've done previous releases is to go to the archives of cvs-log (on berlios, have to log in as a project member or something) and check all of the sumaries to see what to list... Hard to miss anything code-wise then, and you get names (of commit, at least, and coder if different and the commit-er mentioned name or patch#)

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New features:

Hud stats bar scrolling for small game windows.

Language selection window.

Client support for tailoring skill.

Transparent/opaque window background switch CTRL+d.

Break list and harvest events counters + additional deaths.

GUI for URL catcher list CTRL+F2 or icon to open.

Make #sto (view only storage) window look and behave different to main storage.


Bug fixes:

Tidied up buttons and text for spells/inventory windows.

Counters fix: B2G spell (alc fix) and count summon stones.

Reset session stats when reconnect to different server.

Allow opening map with filter when in console mode.

Stop windows-on-top toggle moving windows.

Save notepad position on exit.

Fixed mouse over and title overlap in knowledge window.

Thanks Theryndan finding/suggesting fixes for those last three.


Just applied Florian's heat, cold and radiation shield eye candy effects.

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