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KD Guild is hosting an event starting on Sept 19th In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Clues will be posted daily on this forum starting on the 19th and each day following. The final clues will be posted at 6pm UTC/GMT Sept 22nd. Due to the nature of the prizes, this post is being made on the weekend prior to the event to encourage a greater participation.


There can be up to 6 different winners.


The prizes up for grabs:


1 Thermal Serpent Sword (yes its a thermal)

2 Bandanas

1 Ring of Power

1 Giant Stone

20 Disengagement Rings

2 Monster Mag cloaks

3 Body Piercing Capes

1 Cutlass

1 Emerald Claymore

30,000 Gold Coin

2 Enriched Magic essence

10 Sslesser Stones

3 titanium long swords --changed to 3 as per Rachie :P

2 mirror cloaks



Ahoy Matey, We are only a few hours away from starting the contest. I wll be posting a story that will be added to each and ever day on this post. Thanks to Terena and Rachie for helping me edit this story. When the final part is posted, ch 6 will be monitored.....If any help is to be given, questions should be asked in "Pirate Talk", just to add a little bit of fun to the event. Luck to all ya booty hunters....


And so it begins :D



The sky thickened as the ship rocked restlessly in the violent seas. The crew lowered the sails in hopes of limiting the affects of the angry winds, but with the limited visibility, the coastal rocks posed more of a threat than the winds ever did.


The ship and its crew of pirates had just finished an extremely profitable raid on the merchant vessels in the area. Unfortunately, the raid had taken them to unchartered waters. Uncharted as far as the pirates knew, but to others, waters that were intentionally avoided. The plunder had been worth it, or so it seemed, yet here they were at the mercy of the angry sea.


Captain Jack had been in worse situations, but with this young crew, he was not sure of what to expect. He had gathered the most valuable of the booty to his private quarters; he was not a trusting soul, especially of his First Mate. There had been some disagreements between them of late. Captain Jack felt that he had promoted young Bill Smith a bit too early, but upon the death of his former First Mate; he had had to make a choice. At the time Bill had looked to be the best option, now he was questioning his own judgment. He needed to watch his back, but that was not unusual for someone in his profession. New Captain’s were made by the untimely death of the previous.


Double lookouts had been posted in the crows-nest, the more eyes the better to watch for the jagged rocks. Just a graze on one of these rocks could do what a whole fleet of war ships had been unable to accomplish. But even so, without the sails, the helmsman did not have much control over the course of the ship. Then he heard it, that sound, the sound that brought back memories. Memories of another lost ship, the sound of breaking wood. Water was pouring in. There had not even been an alarm from the lookouts. They will walk the plank later, but for now he had to check on the damage. It was his ship and he was willing to sacrifice whomever he needed to protect it. Ships were hard to come by, but men were replaceable. There was a ready supply at any port. They were not necessarily willing at first, but usually it only took one example to be dragged stem to stern under the keel to awaken the pirate in any man.


Captain Jack ran out his of his quarters to investigate the damage, and by this time the ship had a severe list and the waves were pushing it towards shore. A shore that he had never visited and home to those they had just plundered. Hopefully this was a deserted shore line. It would not be good to have to face those he had just recently plundered on dry land. He may have skill behind the helm of a ship, but this was a different story. He also knew that it would prove difficult to maintain control over his, less than willing, crew. When at sea, the ocean was their prison and he their warden, but now the prison had vanished. He would just have to use a few choice examples to maintain his position - he had plenty of men to spare without a ship to man.


First, he had to wait out the weather to survey the damage. He doubted that his ship would be fixable, but at this point it was hard to tell. He ordered his men ashore to scout out the area and prepare a camp. There was not much they could do aboard the ship. In the morning he would decide what to do. He knew though, no matter what, he would have to hide his plunder soon, to protect it from those that inhabited these lands, and his own men. Then he would get to the task of repairing his ship or finding a new one


He sent out a search party of 8 men to survey the land while the rest of the crew made camp. He sent the two failed lookouts as lead scouts, if he was lucky, they would serve as fodder to the wild beasts and relieve him of the responsibility of further discipline. They knew of his intentions, but they had little choice but to obey, especially with 6 other angry shipmates at their backs.




The next morning 6 had returned. As expected the two lookouts had met an unfortunate demise. One had discovered, much to his dismay, a section of quicksand and was quickly sucked beneath the sands. The other had served as a distraction allowing the other men to escape from one of the beasts that roamed the land. Their survey did prove fruitful though. They learned that they had landed on the coast of a isolated desert surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. It looked to have once been inhabited by an ancient people based upon the ruins they had come upon. The current residents looked to be cave dwellers and primitive beings. They were no match for a pirate crew, or at least they hoped. They discovered a passage through the mountains to the east and also a passage to the south, but that one was heading further inland.


Captain Jack, upon deciding that the ship was not worth repairing, had decided to take a large party to ‘acquire’ a new ship and some fresh recruits. Even though he badly needed a ship, he felt the need to protect his treasure even more. His main prize on his recent conquest was a magical sword. It was shaped like the waves and it shimmered the color of royalty. The sea, in itself, provided a measure of protection for his treasure. The ship served as a prison to his crew, it also served as a vault to his ill-gotten gains. He desperately needed to hide his treasure, but not here, not in this desert.




They secured what they could at the ship and then headed towards the pass in the mountains to the east. They tried to avoid the beasts that roamed, but lost several more men in the attempt. They crossed into this new land, but Captain Jack was disappointed to find that the land on the other side of the mountains looked much like the last. The air smelled of spent gunpowder. The smell seemed to come and go with the shifting of the wind, although it never truly went away. The smell served as a constant reminder that he was not out at sea which he claimed as home. They came upon a small settlement to the south, Captain Jack and a few of his crew went into town to investigate.

They stopped at a local tavern for a few drinks and much needed information. After a few drinks and a few rounds with the local wenches, wenches alone worth being a pirate; he discovered that there was a port city just over the next mountain range to the east and a suitable jungle to the north in this land to hide the main body of his crew. He learned enough about this city over the mountains to know that it would provide him with all that he needed. He and his small group met back up with the main party and they made camp in the north.

The next morning the Captain and his First Mate headed out to the east. He had believed it necessary to bring Bill along as he was afraid of a mutiny if he was left alone with the crew. Bill had appeared to be improving, and did he did not appear to be as disgruntled as before. Although this was an improvement, Jack was still loathe to put his trust in him. As they approached the mountains the stench became stronger, he did not know how anyone could live with this smell. “Aye, give me the salt air any day” he thought. He soon discovered the source of the foul smell. It was sulfur. He made a note of it in his journal for future reference. Although it had a pungent smell, it made for a good landmark.


He and Bill climbed through the mountains and dropped down into yet another desert. This one was a strange land. As far as they could see, there were strange crystals protruding from the sand. They saw the roaming monsters that they were warned about, but this time they were prepared. They donned green cloaks that their previous owner’s had informed them would protect them from such beasts. The travelers, so liberal with information, had no further use for them now…




Captain Jack sent his First Mate to survey the land and to inspect the ships currently in port. Not just any ship would do, they needed something that could be used as a warship. Speed was important size was not and of course availability. They scheduled a rendezvous later that evening in the port city. There they would discuss their next move. His real goal was to have time to locate a good spot to bury his treasure. He searched most of the day and set to the task of hiding his loot. Captain Jack drew a rough map as a reminder to himself of its location. He returned to town to meet up with Bill. they rented a couple of rooms above the tavern to get some much needed sleep. Strangely, the bartender gave him a room that he told them he normally kept for Merf, he had hoped that Merf did not show up in the middle of the night.

Jack awoke from a groggy sleep in the middle of the afternoon. He had a funny taste in his mouth, and he recognized it as a drug that he himself had used in the past on his victims. He knew the drug could last for days and by the way his stomach felt, he knew it had been at least two. He searched his pockets for his map; he reached in and was comforted by the feeling of parchment which he readily pulled out. He opened it up to reassure himself and found instead a letter from Bill. It read



Don't ye be botherin rushing to recover yer treasure, I have liberated it from its restin place, and cast it to the winds. As for yer prized sword, I have taken to the lands south a here. The Green Cloak won’t protect ya from the biggest dangers in that land. Since yer so fond of maps, I have left ye one too, but luck be with ya figern out the true resting place of yer beloved treasure. But warnin, ya best beware, as I have given both of these here maps to yer old crew. They be less than pleased at the spoils you have been hoardin. Luck to ya trying to recover yer booty. The choice of which ye try to recover first be up to ye. Don't ye be botherin looking fer me, by the time ye read this letter, me an me loyal crew shall be long gone from this place on me newly acquired ship. Til we meet again.


Captain Bill”





I happen to have in my possession the two maps that Bill and Jack created. I was asked by Bill to give them to Jack's old crew. I will post these tomorrow. They appear to be very accurate, just not very detailed. So you certainly will have to of already determined which main maps they are on before you can look for the treasure.


The first map is the one that Jack created that shows the "original' location of the treasure before Bill got his hands on it and "cast it to the winds' so I think you will have to dig around a bit to find it all.


The second map, the one that Bill created for hiding Jacks's Sword, looks to be in a dangerous area (PK). There are several X's marked on the map, probably placed as a delay tactic by Bill, and I can only assume that only one of them is accurate.



Good Luck to all the Booty hunters








other options












------------------Disclaimer :)-----------------------------------------


You are responsible for your own shovels (keys) and your own protection while searching. No whining from those that go after the sword, you enter a PK area at your own risk. Don't IG KD with your problems. As in most PK events, do what you have to do to be the winner. No limitations on weapons, armor, summoning, etc.


If you find a bag, please post its location so I can verify its finding.


The contest will end when all 6 bags are recovered.


Pictures are nice.

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im probably gonna completely forget about the contest just like all the others ive entered in so im not even gonna bother.

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Its all about what a man can do, and what a man can't do, savvy?


Garr, we be begginin this contest of wit on ye morrow lads, drink up me hearty's, yo ho!

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Well , first off, Happy talk like a pirate day everyone!


Second, I'm a little confused. What are these peices of story supposed to give us clues to?

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Second, I'm a little confused. What are these peices of story supposed to give us clues to?



I think that tharr story intends to point us'n'our mateys towards the location of some buried treasure, seein' as pirates are infamous for their buried treasure.





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Aye, The story will set up the final treasure hunt, it also adds some fun. From the story you need to determine where in Draia (what map(s)) the actual hunt will take place. The more knowledge you have of the actual map(s) that hold the treasure, the better your chances on Saturday.


We chose Saturday to let more people play, but we had to start it on "Talk like a Pirate Day' Just for the fun of it. Hey, it is a pirate story you know. :)

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Story has been updated again, watch for the last piece of the story tomorrow (9-21-07) and the final clues at 6 pm UTC/GMT SHARP on Saturday (9-22-07).

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Last piece of the story is in place and some additional information about the 'booty hunt' that was withheld until now has been released. Treasure maps will be posted 6pm UTC/GMT SHARP tomorrow. Good Luck to all :blink:

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Melinis - 242,295

MM cloak, mirror cloak, tit long, 10k gc and 5 Sslessar summoning stones.





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I found two bags :P


1 at 268, 303


another at 280, 295(?) not sure on the second coord for that one, sorry


I'll edit the post later with what i got :devlish:

Edited by Enly

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Thanks for a great contest, different concept, and a nice change! Also helps that I found one of the bags, but heh! :devlish:


5kgc, BP cape, MM cloak, 10 rings of disengagement, emerald claymore

Edited by XenaMT

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