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What was your first guild?

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1st: MytH (random noob guild)

2nd: -A- (The Amazons, consider me as a main founder, some of you might remember us)

3rd: *CO* (during its BEST days before teh crash)

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Hello all,


I had been playing for several months when I was asked (or I asked, I don't remember) to join *EL*. About a week later I was kicked for being too quiet. That really upset me. So I went guildless for about six months or more, during which time *EL* changed ownership.


Then I was offered to be made a member again as an apology. I did, we had fun for several weeks, then I logged in and the guild was deleted.


I joined The One Winged Angels, {><}, which lasted for a little while. Then it got renamed to BO$$, Brotherhood of the Silent Samurai, and was promptly deleted. sigh.


I decided to pick one of the largest guilds I could find so it wouldn't be deleted, so I joined Ozú!. That was really fun and lasted a while also, but I had forgotten most of my college spanish, so eventually I said a friendly goodbye.


Next I joined HOLY. After being kind of harassed by another member (who was also getting on everyone elses nerves), I decided to try making my own guild.


Thus The Zadanians were born. Being GM of ZAD was LOADS of fun, but a lot more work ingame than my work IRL would allow, and after a few months I had to leave the game. So I changed ZAD to The Wanderers, WAND, and handed it to a guildie.


Now I'm back in game, and a happy member of TAG, The Anti-Guild. I hope to stay here for a while, and maybe someday in the distant future revive The Zadanians.


Now you all know my guild history (and are wondering why I thought you cared, lol).


The Saxman (Jayim_Duinara)

Member of TAG

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I first Went to GWaR. GM is mschoolbus(was don't if he still is)

Then To EWoL,GM "WAS" Markusweck

Then i went to some other guild i cant remeber the Name of at the mo.

And Last of all,i Founded a Guild with SleepyJo,(GM),called The Wild Bunch ( |W|), and thats where i am now.


There you go thats all.



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Damn going way back now... hmm... if I remember correctly it was a guild called ELF didn't spend long in it but it was my first guild.


I left it after a few days and was on the verge of joining WOLF but for the reset, after the reset I was guild less until I joined *CO* so really *CO* would probably of been my first proper guild.

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