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Letter from Allyn Tyrnlight Carmien

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Letter from Allyn Tyrnlight Carmien

by Quinticus




My Dearest Family,


I know it has been a while since we have been in contact, please forgive me for this. I did not think you would ever want to hear from me again after I left to marry Lord Quinticus Carmien against your wishes. I now regret this decision as it may have brought me to my fate sooner than I wished. Lord Carmien's intentions may not have been what they seemed before we were to marry.


With promises of a life of companionship and eternal love filling my ears, I left home to wed Quinticus Carmien, Lord of Kilaran and Govenor of Carmien village. Wooed I was by his dashing looks, dangerous sword, and irrefutable charm. When I finally arrived in Carmien I was fooled by its lies of a benevolent, small-town life. The path I had chosen seemed to be the perfect escape from the difficult life of a counselor's daughter.


Within a week of our arrival, the preparations were made and the wedding was to commence. It was the most beautiful event I have ever attended. You would have been so proud of me, Daddy, had the circumstances been different. I wish you could have been there.


A few nights before the wedding, however, a falling star struck near the manor. The star was nothing more than a piece of rock. I should have taken this as an omen, but I was too wrapped up in my perfect new life. I compare my demise much to that of the star that fell. Beautiful to begin with; then it plummets, breaks apart and crashes into the earth with undue regard. I identify with this occurrence because the night of my wedding the farce ended. It started with many congratulations to Lord Quinticus yet not so much as a glance at myself. Then, without warning, I was taken away by the lord's command no less! I was stripped of my garments, taken to the dungeon under the manor (which I had no prior knowledge of) and thrown into a cell.


This is no ordinary dungeon. It is a perverse place, reddish in glow because of the fire being used in the dark arts my captors participate in. I am not the only one being held here, either, creatures of all kinds share my fate. The cries of the dying are terrible, there are days when I want to end it before I learn why they scream. There is nothing but rats to eat, and I cannot sleep much for fear of what the men might do to me.


In the months of my stay in this dreadful place, many more like me have joined those already stored in this over-crowded cell. I have been able, through them, to learn of what Lord Carmien means to do with us. A draegoni man arrived the other day and told me of how he was tortured for information on magics and containment fields. A priest told nearly the same story.


From this information and other bits I have learned, I have concluded that the Lord of Kilaran is looking for a way to bolster his armies. He has been torturing, corrupting and murdering in order to suit his end. He has been trying to alter the curse, once again, that has been laid upon the world for a decade now. His original hopes were to find a way to remove the curse on everyone but his men so he could claim dominance with an army that could not be stopped.


His original efforts were unsuccessful, thus he had a great hollow carved out in the dungeon floor in the shape of a T. Unspeakable acts have been committed at the head of this trench in order to procure an inventory of a certain item. This item is the Rostogal stone. These have only recently begun surfacing from those recently sent to the underworld. I do not believe these souls are subject to the curse, for if they were, news would have been spread of this attrocity.


I now believe that he intends to use these stones to keep his army well supplied. I do not know his intentions beyond this. Nor do I think there is a need to know. For now he has employed the use of summoners. Somehow they managed to open a rift from the underworld and dark creatures have begun pouring out.


I have found a way to close the rift and stop this holocaust before it can spread to Nordcarn and Mynadar. I hope to uphold the elven ideals of preservation by sacrificing all I have left in order to cease this. Perhaps an offering of a pure soul will satiate this god's lust.


I wish that my only and final correspondance could be a happy and loving one, however, I regret it is not so. I write to you so that someday there may be record of what attrocities have been committed here in Carmien manor. Should you receive this, do not attempt a rescue or try to avenge my death. There will be no point to it, Southern Kilaran is now being overrun by the creatures of Lord Carmien's dark god.


The creatures turned on the lord and his men, they now come for us...I have given this to someone who knows the intracacies of the manor and may be able to escape. I am so terribly sorry, my family. Please forgive me, for I am about to pay the price for my thoughtless and selfish actions.



Remember me always,


Allyn Tyrnlight Carmien

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