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Eternal Lands -a poem

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Eternal Lands

by Jezebelle



At night, as I walk the shores of Riven beach

The beauty strikes me every time

The flowers i'm surrounded by

are just within my reach


I watch the hopping bunnies play

I cant help giggle when I see

How careless they can jump around

It moves me more then I can say


I dance with wolves in the earliest light

Enjoy their joyful company

Stroll the woods of Tirnwood Vale

With those doggies at my side


Oh Eternal lands, what you've given me

Is beyond most every dream

Your lands, they keep me safe

I've never felt so free


You've given me my joy in living

You've given me new meanings

You brought back laughter in my days

And taught the gift of giving


These lands are full of life and love

And with an open mind and heart

There's lots for everyone to learn

With some help from Teh God above


So... like in real life, enjoy your time around

Use every minute you can spend

Because life can end within a second

And you'll end up... Underground..!

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nice poem :happy: i like the way this poems evokes recognizable images :hiya:

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