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Yes, this is a no good guy. I was selling an expensive item on the market channel, and he pm'd me with his alt, ayreus2. After talking to me like he was going to buy it, he said he didn't have the money, but he would find me someone to sell it to and go 50/50 with me.


He then began to start to advertise for my item on the market channel . . . :)


Yes, ayreus...50/50 for something you never owned...this guy is obviously a genius and quite the entreprenuer. :cry:


Scammer alert. :cry:

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pogo62 is not one of my alts.


I thought i was helping you, you were about to sell it for 10k to someone, i told you it was worth around 50k. I thought I'd try to see if i could find a buyer for you, I quickly advertised in market for you, I received no bites, so I dropped it at that. You never expressed any concern with my 50 50 offer, I would have settled for 10%, but I didn't hear from you again.


As a result, I didn't make any further attempts to sell it. You have some pretty serious accusations here, I notice in the chatlog it shows pogo62 give you a pc of 100 for the book... so you are not only implying that I scammed you, but you are suggesting I had two characters logged in at once... get some evidence...


I don't see how this is outlaws worthy.


Here is a chat log:



[12:20:14] [LightKeeper @ 3]: pc book of fire swords, plz

[12:20:26] [PM to LightKeeper: are you selling it?]

[12:20:33] [pogo62 @ 3]: 100

[12:20:45] [PM from LightKeeper: yes, i need to know the price (selling to guildy)]

[12:20:49] [sidian @ 1]: ok thank you

[12:20:53] [LukeBlueFive @ 1]: yw

[12:20:57] [PM to LightKeeper: 40 to 50k]

[12:21:08] [PM from LightKeeper: ...seriously o.O']

[12:21:18] [PM to LightKeeper: where did you find it?]

[12:21:28] [PM from LightKeeper: believe it or not...a brown snake]

[12:21:53] [PM to LightKeeper: nice find wish i could buy it]

[12:22:17] [PM from LightKeeper: are you sure that price is right another guildy thought it was 10k]

[12:22:39] [PM to LightKeeper: there is no set price on it, but i know i could sell it for 50k]

[12:22:50] [PM to LightKeeper: if not more]

[12:22:56] [PM from LightKeeper: ok ty]

[12:25:46] [PM from LightKeeper: he changed his mind when he heard that lol looks like you have a shot]

[12:26:01] [PM to LightKeeper: i don't... im poor right now]

[12:26:27] [PM from LightKeeper: ok if you ever are buyin give me a shout]

[12:26:50] [PM to LightKeeper: if i find a buyer... at good price... could you give me a cut?]

[[12:27:22] [PM from LightKeeper: how big a cut?]

[12:27:47] [PM to LightKeeper: 50 50?]

[12:28:07] [PM from LightKeeper: ill look around a bit myself first...better be a good buyer lol]

[12:28:49] [PM to LightKeeper: ok ]

[12:30:08] [ayreus2 @ 3]: selling book of fire sword, serious offers only

Edited by Ayreus

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