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Official Channel Rules

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Help Channel(s) rules:


Starting immediately, the help channel structure as you knew it will be slightly changed.

From now on, jc 1 will be newbie help ONLY. For more advanced help you go to jc 2.


This will be strictly enforced. Anybody persisting in asking non-newbie questions or chatting about non-newbie stuff, after being asked to stop or move to jc 2, will be denoobed.

People choosing to stay to help the newbies are expected to follow these guidelines as well.


Please remember these are HELP channels, not chat/soapbox channels.


Guidelines for jc 1:

--Questions about animals (monsters directed to jc 2)

--Seridia (c1) questions. (Most Irillion c2 questions directed to jc 2, however low level subjects such as skunks and racoons are allowed in jc 1)

--In general, questions relating to levels less than 20


As always, ingame secrets are not to be discussed in either channel. I may add to this as I think of other things that come up that might be unclear. Check back if in doubt.


Edit: Apparently it is necessary to clarify that we deal in Eternal Lands help, not other-game or real life help.


Market Channel rules:


Hey folks :)

Lately we've had a bit of trouble with the market channel and this seems to be a good time to refresh you all on the etiquette required for it. Market channel is to be run cleanly and professionally, a give and take of information easily seen and uncluttered by chatter and off-topic stuff.


Allowed in market:

1. Buying/selling ingame items

2. Buying/selling ingame services*

3. Price checks

4. Lotteries


*services can include, but are not limited to:

--hauling/muling harvestables for other players

--pk services

--bounties, with the following rule: NO NAMES ALLOWED TO BE MENTIONED.



--Automated announcements need to be a minimum of 15 minutes apart.

--URL links need to be a minimum of 15 minutes apart per person.

--Multiple-bot owners cannot stack their bots' messages one on top of the other, they must be individually timed and spaced apart. It is discouraging, to say the least, for players to be faced with a wall of automated messages.

--Players are allowed 1 ad per 5 minutes.

--Personal or guild restrictions and conditions, such as but not limited to, who you will not buy or sell from, are to be stated/discussed in pm, NOT in the public advertisement.

--Only one "line" per message/ad/announcement. This is equal to the amount of typing you can do in one post before you must hit your enter key to send it. (Yes it might actually look like two lines)


--Players and bots must post for themselves. Any exceptions have met all required security standards to prevent fraudulent and illegal third-party posts.

**Current exceptions:


--LabRat's Auction site


NOT allowed in market:

1. Death bags (sent to jc 1, 4)

2. Looking for training partners (sent to jc 4)

3. Non-existent services, scams


This may be added to at any time, as issues come up. Hopefully this will clear things up for you all. This is effective immediately. If you or your bots are making any announcements that do not follow these guidelines, you must remove them at once or they will be removed for you as we see them.


EL General Chat (jc 4)


EL general chat is just that...conversation about Eternal Lands. Not market ads, not personal chat, not chat about other games. Please take all off-topic chat to it's appropriate channel, or if all else fails, the true off-topic channel jc 20.

Ads such as guild recruitment are to be no less than 5 minutes apart, and please note it is one ad per guild/event/person.

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Official Invasion and Leonard Channel Rules (#jc 6):

1. First and foremost this channel is for discussion about invasions and Leonard (Alpha).

2. This channel may be used for EL or off-topic conversation when there is no discussion about invasions or Leonard happening.

3. The invasions and Leonard take precedence over non-related chatter, so if you are asked to stop chatting because of an invasion or Leonard event. do so.

4. By allowing this chat, we also expect you will still follow all game rules and the general official channel rules. That means no obscenities, no flaming, etc. Anybody who abuses the right to chat in this channel can and will be removed or muted or worse.



Player-run Contest Channel Rules (#jc 7):

1. All prizes and conditions to win contest MUST be announced at the beginning of the contest before the players start.

2. Contest holder MUST follow through to the end and give the stated prizes. Intentional logging out to avoid awarding the prizes will be punished.

3. No changing of the rules or conditions of the contest after it has started.

4. No substitutions of prizes (unless of greater value or adding additional items) after the contest has been stated and/or started.

5. Only one contest at a time. Check first before starting one. Official contests and events take precedence.

6. No lengthy general/off-topic chat during contests. Also keep the chatter down when there is no contest. With lengthy conversations and discussions, it's harder to check if any contest is currently on, and more difficult to get a contest started (the announcement can get lost in the chat).

7. Do NOT make "PM PlayerX saying blah blah blah" contests WITHOUT PlayerX's permission. Doing so is in violation of ingame rules 2,3, and 25.

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All official channels 1-20:

1. No coordinates are allowed to be given in any official channel. Players need to learn to explore and notice their surroundings. The goal is not to blindly auto-walk everywhere you go.

2. No quest help allowed to be given in any official channel. If the player who asks is truly stuck (and not just lazy), you MAY pm them to try to set them on the correct path. Talking about it publicly ruins the quest fun for everyone else who wants to attempt it.

3. Game secrets are not allowed to be publicly told or discussed in any official channel. Again, it ruins the fun for everyone else.

4. Players are allowed 1 ad per 5 minutes if applicable, such as guild recruitment ads on channel 4. This also applies as a per guild (or group) rule. One ad per guild or group(regardless who posts) per 5 minutes.

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