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Free Software Foundation buys EL

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In the last few months we had some discussions with the Free Software Foundation, who were interested in having a flag ship MMO in order to promote their ideas.

Their first choice was Planeshift, but apparently the Planeshift developers didn't want to give up their IP, which was good for us because we were able to charge a little more for our IP.


Today we've signed the final papers with Free Software Foundation, effectively transfering the Eternal Lands IP rights to them, for 250,000 USD and 4000 shares.

For the time being, we will still be in charge of developing Eternal Lands, but, of course, Free Software Foundation has the right to impose changes and modifications.


In order to provide you with a better experience, there will be some short term changes, which we are pleased to announce:


1. The client, as well as the server will be available under GPL version 3.


2. The windows version will not be available anymore, as Windows is a proprietary OS, which conflicts with the goals of the FSF. However, people will still be able to compile the Windows version for themselves, if they chose to.


3. The rare items will be distributed in a more equitable way, so that even new players will be able to get one.


4. There will be no more items or services for sale, as this is against the idology of FSF.


More information will be provided next week, just after the server source code will be placed in the CVS.


We hope you will enjoy this aquisition, and hopefully, in the near future, all of the MMOs will be Open Source software.



Linux (Mepis) will be offered for free to the EL players, so they can still enjoy playing EL.

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