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zaer locked .

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rules 3 , 5 , 25 , 26


Place KF . Log sequence follows:


ZaeR: fucking cheat


(*) chaoogie summoned a Black Bear

MoJo kicked the bucket.

ZaeR: ffs

[PM to Lumen: since i'm not playing i'm in a bad mood]

TheAmbassador was liberated the american way.

ZaeR: he owe amabassador rosdt now

ZaeR: fucking shit

ZaeR: ...


ZaeR: hmm i cant win in pk ;/

ZaeR: i think i cheat man

Arigorn: lol

ZaeR: seems like best thing

Seal: plx no kill mihaim

Seal: slm


ZaeR: gonna cheat again mihain?

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