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The way to join the team!


Radu has a vision of having an average of 10 storyline/villager/quest/etc NPCs per map on average. While we have many scripts written, we are looking for a few more talented people to help us write! These NPCs must tell a story of some sort, whether it's about their job, their past, the map they are on, other NPCs... whatever! They must have unique personalities as well so we don't have the same bland NPCs everywhere.


If you are interested, you can PM me (Acelon) on the forums and ask for a NPC character to do. You must follow a specific format (posted below) and keep to the description you are given for the NPC. There does not need to be a ton of options, the average number should be between 9-12 minimum but 13-14 would be ideal.. Once you finish your NPC script, you will PM me the full script and we'll decide if we want to use your NPC and if we want to have you write for us.


Here is an example NPC format, and script.


NPC Information:


Name: Arbella

Female Gnome

Location: TGMS Library


As you explore further into the library, you find a gnome sitting at a table behind some bookcases. She smiles at you so you wander over.


1. Hello

Hello my friend, I hope today finds you well. What brings you here?

-Who are you?

-Just wandering around

-Learning about the school


2. Who are you?

*She glances over toward the gargoyle statue in the center of the room, just visible over the stacks* Shhhhh. Here, why don't you have a seat? I'm trying to avoid Baidor over there. He can be such a pompous pain in the... well you know. My name is Arbella, I came from Hurquin to study magic here under the great Grandmaster Jerun.

-Grandmaster Jerun?


3. Just wandering around (disappears if 4 is chosen)

Be sure to be careful where you wander in this school. There have been many rumors of people getting hopelessly lost as they try to chart its depths. I don't know if the stories are myth or truth but just the threat of being lost forever is enough to make me cautious!


4. Learning about the school (disappears if 3 is chosen)

There is much to learn about the Tarsengaard Magic School and many people here who can teach you. Someday I hope to know all its secrets, but they say that not a single person knows every one. Not even Grandmaster Jerun.


5. Grandmaster Jerun

*She blushes slightly.* He is a very great and talented man. There are four Grandmasters of the Elements. Jerun is Grandmaster of Wind. Osreng, Rivena, and Nerala are Grandmasters of Water, Earth, and Fire. Each leads one of the four major magic schools of Draia and each has powerful control over the element that they serve.

-Other schools?


-Magical gnomes are rare?



Someday I hope to be able to control the wind. I have always had a strong connection to that particular element. That's why I chose Tarsengaard over the other magic schools, so I can learn from Jerun. I have been able to use the wind since I was very little, although I know I will never be a great elementalist like the Grandmaster. I am here to learn what I can.



I feel very fortunate to be here, not many gnomes are gifted in magic.


6. Other schools?

There are six magic schools scattered throughout Seridia and Irilion: the main ones are Tarsengaard, Tirnym, Palon Vertas and Arius. Many students simply choose to study at the school that is closest to where they live, but some choose schools specifically for the Grandmaster that leads them.

-You said six schools


7. Control?

Well yes...you know, Jerun can make the wind blow and can make things from smoke and air. I saw him create a group of dancing wood nymphs once with smoke and air. It was so amazing. I have heard that Grandmaster Osreng can do the same thing using the water and that Grandmaster Nerala can call lava up from bare ground, if she feels like it.



Grandmaster Rivena can control things connected to the earth. I imagine she can make the ground shake and flowers grow.


8. Magical gnomes are rare?

Yes, in some races it is unusual to be magically gifted while other races almost can't help but have strong magic. For instance, I learned last week that the draegoni possess the magic of the dragons and sometimes are able to cast spells without the use of sigils.

-Practical fields




Elves can also be a very magically gifted race, though not always. But for a gnome to be skilled in magic... well, my parents always said it was a special thing. I don't often see other students of gnomish heritage here, so perhaps they were right. The gnomes you will find here are in more... 'practical' fields.


9. Sigils?

Not a magic caster I see. *She smiles again.* Sigils are necessary for casting spells. They can be embedded into just about anything. *She holds up the pendant she is wearing* I embedded all my sigils in this pendant and I wear it always. When you combine the correct sigils with the proper essences, hopefully, you will cast your spell.



10. Essences?

*She pulls a small pouch from her pocket and turns it over. Several objects roll out and lay glittering on the table* These are essences, they are also necessary for spell casting. I am learning about them right now actually. *She looks down at the book in front of her and reads...* Alchemists draw essences from the organic material of nature.

-Tell me more about magic.

-Do you like it here?



They then encase the essence in a solid, generally crystal like sphere about 3 inches in circumference. When a spell is cast the essence absorbs the crystal orb around it and its energy is pulled into the spell. *She looks up from the page and gives you another sunny smile.* You see this silvery one here? That's a health essence. You can use these to cast the Heal and Restore spells.



This smoky swirly one is an air essence used for spells like Mana Drain. There are many kinds of essences used in many different spells.


11. Tell me more about magic

*She blushes and giggles.* Oh I don't think I could teach you much more about magic, I myself am still just a lowly student, although I did read Maechan the mage's outlook on magic just the other night. He put forth the idea that no one really understands how, or why magic works. His theory is that the magic force comes from a higher Universe, which is also the home of our souls.



Since our brain is the link between the body and the soul, it can also be regarded as an interface between our Universe and that higher Universe. I'm not sure what I think about that theory though. Perhaps as I study more I will form more opinions on the subject. You should speak to the Grandmaster about becoming a student here if you wish to learn more about magic.


12. Do you like it here?

I love it here! I have learned so much and made many new friends. I think one of the best parts about going to a new place is meeting new people. Before I left Hurquin I hardly ever saw any draegoni, but here at the school there are so many. I made a good draegoni friend my very first day here, Lyani, but I don't think she will attend classes next year.

-Why does that make you sad?

-Magical combat?



She decided she was interested in potions and is talking to the Grandmaster about transferring to a Potions school, which makes me a little sad. You might run into my orchan friend as you explore the school. His name is Raum, he is here to study magical combat. Professor Donegal also hails from Irilion - Irsis specifically. It's good to have reminders of home. *She smiles.*


13. Why does that make you sad?

Well, its always sad to part with a friend, isn't it? You never know when you might see them again. Already another friend of mine was sent from the school because of...a misunderstanding and I don't know if I will see him again.



14. Magical combat?

You sure are full of questions. Raum can tell you more about the use of magic in battle than I ever could. You should ask him if you see him.


15. Misunderstanding?

*Suddenly she lowers her eyes and looks uncomfortable.* Yes...my friend Irokin.... I don't think I should talk much about it. Like I said, there was a misunderstanding....Irokin was mislead and tried to help someone he shouldn't have and Grandmaster Jerun sent him from this school to the Palon Vertas Magic School instead. Maybe someday you will meet him if you find yourself there.

-Thanks for your time


16. Thanks for your time.

Always time for a new friend, no matter how brief the encounter. Maybe we will see each other again someday.


17. You said six schools.

You can also find magic schools in both Naralik and Egratia Point, but they are not facilitated by a Grandmaster like the main four. Egratia's magic school is run by a rather odd dwarf and the magic he teaches is much different than you'd learn here. Not many seek him out as a credible teacher.



Then there is the Naralik Magic School. It actually used to be run by Grandmaster Rivena, but she decided to solely remain the head of the Tirnym Magic School, and now the priests of Unolas are in charge of the Naralik one. I've always wondered why Grandmaster Rivena chose Tirnym over Naralik. Both locations are out of the way, but Naralik seems to get more traffic than Tirnym.


18. Practical fields

Anyone who has met a gnome knows most are mainly intrigued by the fields of research and science. Take Wimmip for example. She studies magical creatures and plants rather than actually practicing magic. Then there is Warzorm who studies star patterns and their influence on our magic. I always find him stargazing in the garden.



Then there is Hyutan, the head chef of the school. Cooking is actually an intricate science - and Hyutan is a genius in his field. Just be careful when visiting him, he always tries to recruit students to help whip up some of the meals.



Good luck in your travels. May the sun always shine upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

This script was done by Nova, so if you need advice, she could be a good person to contact ingame. Guinevereanne and Usl are also excellent sources to contact.


Any questions, please contact Acelon.



Some tips for your NPCs

-Storyline references are a major plus

-Pay attention to the location your NPC is in and use references to the area

-Make sure there are no conflicts with storylines/other NPCs

-Use of emotion is always good.

-Don't use gamer lingo.

-Be sure to stay with an RP theme, though going OOC sometimes can be humorous and acceptable.




I look forward to your NPCs :blink:

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New way to help out!


I'm looking for an experienced proofreader to help assure that our NPC scripts are typo-free and follow all formatting procedures. The proofreader must be able to imitate different writing styles and have very strong English skills. A good grasp of official storylines is also expected.


If you think you are up to the task, please PM me (Acelon) on the forums with your experience and reasons for applying.


Any questions can be directed to me via forum or in-game PM.

Edited by Acelon

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Looking to add new members to the team! Please let me know if you're interested!

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I would like to give a crack at writing out a NPC dialogue.

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