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Found 1 result

  1. This has been annoying me greatly. Maia wants 80 puma furs and Ios wants 200 puma furs (only once, for 3.4k sum exp and 1.6k gc). As you might know, there are not many puma spawns and their respawn time is quite high at one minute. The reward is mediocre for such a grind. My suggestion: Either decrease puma fur requirements or increase the reward you get for them. For comparison: Maia gives you a good amount of summoning exp and gc for 50 white rabbit furs, which are easy to obtain because there are many spawns. They are also easy to kill. Yet pumas are considerably harder (not my worry here) and way more rare with 4 times the respawn time and you get maybe 20% of the exp and gc compared to the white rabbit fur. This makes it an awful grind. And I just spent two hours grinding pumas in NC, which gets you one fur per minute. There is a spot in WS where you can, if the stars align, get 3 furs per minute but it is super tough to keep all of the pumas there. If I could change this, I would decrease the amount maia wants to maybe 40, perhaps even less. You can compare this to the other quests, e.g 100 brown rabbit furs. Since they are pretty common, you can get the furs in around the same time. Ios has pretty a bad cost/reward balance anyways, but 200 puma furs was a nightmare that did not compare to the ordeal of gathering 200 skunk furs. Reducing the requirement for 100 would be a good start.