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Found 1 result

  1. Here is a brief Wizards guide to invasion fighting (the basics) for new invasion fighters. 1) Decent Armor. It does not have to be the best armor in game, but it should be decent enough to absorb some damage. Suggest Bronze set, or Titanium Set are both good options, depending on your emu. If you would like to use better amour, then that is an option, just be aware, breaks will occur, and they can be expensive to replace Gear. 2) Always carry 2 rostogol stones at least. In case you die and lose one, you are still protected. You may die at a time that you want to return to the invasion very quickly, this will enusre you dont always need a trip to storage before returning 3) Suggest the minimum of two weapons You will want a hard hitting damage weapon, such as a halberd for mobs that are easy to hit, and don't damage you much, also a weapon that can hit mobs harder then your level, such as a radioactive sword. If you want to spend the money of thermal/fire/magic serp, these are also very nice. But at bare minimum suggest a halberd (or scythe) and a radio tit long or rapier. Work within your budget 4) Potions are your friends Always use potions, A/D/P/C pots at the bare minimum. I suggest 5-10 of each per storage run. Potionts give you a boost when you need one and are invaluable tools, use them always. I also suggest putting 2-3 eve/accuracy pots in your inventory for when you get yourself in a tight spot (and you will). These can give you the boost you need when you need it. 5) Beaver token Always carry 1 or 2 beaver tokens, emergency mana reload. These will save your life. Yes, they are expensive to use, but if they save you from dieing, it is worth the cost 6) Build There is no perfect build (except for perfect maxed out characters) All attributes are important, so what ever your build is, be sure you practice fighting with it so you know what do expect and act accordingly. 7) Perks While all the fighting perks are great, There is no fork is the best perk for invasion fighting. Almost all invasions occur on multi combat maps, and this perk I consider not an option, it is a requirement. If you can only afford the pick points for 1 fighting perk, There is no fork (or what I like to call, there is no choice) 8) Dis/tele Always carry dis/tele rings, and keep them in your quick slots and practice using them so you can use #1 #2 very quickly to escape a bad situation. If you have a high magic level, you may want to use tele room ( but still carry a tele ring in case you run short of tele essences for some reason and didnt notice) 9) Magic Protection. This under used spell, costs 10 mana and lasts for 3 minutes. If there are bears and white tigers around, it will help greatly from being hit with the magical effects, such as cooldown and mana burn. It is worth your time to use it, and it may save your life. 10) Mana drain, If your magic level is high enough, always mana drain the monsters (even if you only drain a little bit of mana) 1 srs gives 20mana and a restore costs 25. So Mana drain will help make up that difference to help ensure your mana bar is always full. Plus, it is great magic xp, and that will build levels. 11) Rdholm Yes, they give you a little armor boost, and are a nice item, be aware they break easy. Crown of life is a much more durable peice of equipment, Suggest you carry a col or a spare rdholm, they will always break at a bad time (or at least they seem to) good to always have a spare. 12) You are not superman or Cherut Know your limitations, walk slowly and try not to run too deep into a mass of monsters. Be sure to explore the maps, and devise a strategy of the best way to fight in that map. Is there a bridge, or another choke point on the map to work from? Is there a pathway, or a spot that is only 1 or 2 tiles wide? Is teleport into a mass of monsters the safest strategy? You need to use your head, and choose your path carefully. 13) Work in a team. Even the toughest monsters are easy when you work together. So be friendly to others, share the risk, share the loot. For new invasioners, ask questions, for experienced ones, slow down a bit, and help the newbies. Stats are not as meaningful as hands on experience and practice. Build confidence. I hope this helps people new to invasioning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in game or post below. Wiz