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Found 3 results

  1. 50k Gypsum auction

    Greeting! Selling 50k Gypsum (from storage). Start pice: 500k gc for all Increasing: 10kgc please Ends: 27 of November 2012, 16:00 of GMT time Good luck! PS. Feel free to make an offers to me in game. My ingame name is SunriseCoder.
  2. Buying GYPSUM at storage

    Sissi wants to buy GYPSUM at storage, any amount. Price can be discussed PM me ingame, post here or leave me a Mercator message. Thank you
  3. Problem 1: I experience serious lagging when traveling from the gypsum area to storage in Arius. I don't have this problem when changing between any other maps; only these two. Specifically the game lags when I enter and again when I exit the Hobgoblin cave. I usually get a "Resynch with Server..." message and sometimes I even grue out. This always happens. Makes hauling gypsum so much more annoying than it already is! Problem 2: While hauling gypsum to storage my Mule transformed back to an Elf for no apparent reason. I had to use another Mule Glyph to get back into Mule form. This happened as I was approaching the storage NPC. I had some fruit and about 15 Creature Food in my inventory; food level was at 40 and health was maximum. The only thing I can think of is that my Mule was very close to the NPC. I may have clicked on my Mule's head when trying to open the storage. The cursor may have been the 'pointer finger' or the 'walk'. Has anybody else had these problems? Does anybody have any ideas on why these things are occurring? Thanks, Rad.