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Found 1 result

  1. Treasure Finders

    Hello all. I would like to suggest that the xp on treasure finders be reduced to ~300 xp/mix. There is a shortage of amber in the game because these items are being used to farm engineering levels. Some numbers: 1 treasure finder = 1kxp without god/day/ratio bonus. 1 treasure finder = ~5kxp/per with god on alfred nobel in school. We'll assume 1 second per mix (not quite right but will give a good estimate). At this rate you could get on the order of 300kxp/minute poofing these in a school at the right time. This works out to 1.8 MILLION oa xp per hour. No wonder we are low on amber for the global. Just to put this xp in perspective, the best xp you can get in a/d in this game is ~52k/min without dailies. And to do this you risk the wrath of radu ^^. So it is posisble to get 6x that with treasure finders atm, thus fear teh wrath of radu 6x!