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  1. EL Polls

    Sorry it took so long to post, but I had to stop at the bank first to get singles before I headed to the club to see girls swinging from polls
  2. Spikebigpapa banned for foul language in presence of mod

    <threadjack> I wouldn't say that. I will admit that at times the experienced players can be a bit thick-skinned when it comes to dealing with new players because we tend to forget about what it was like for us when we started. </threadjack> But to get back to the task at hand, if you tend to act like a jackass in this game, you will be treated like one from everyone. It's just like people begging for "fr33 st00f", the community tends to frown upon it. oh and thanks for the lulz douchbag.
  3. unolas blessing

    Blessings and potions do not stack.
  4. Mage\Magic Addition Wishlist

    Quick food for thought, let armor level influence spell power: Fighter: Steel plate or better can cast current spells at current strengths. Mage: can wear no better than plain leather armor (or even better robes only) and can cast Robotbob's new spells and current spells at increased strengths. Yes this is pretty much ripped right out of D&D and other old RPG's where it was done for game balance. I do admit this would cause a whole lot crying, wailing and nashing of teeth, but it would really give mages a place in PK. Again, just something to consider.
  5. New engine test, part 2

    Slackware 12.2 glibc version: 2.7 AMD 2X x64 Nvidia GeForce: 7000M Driver version: 177.82 glxinfo: direct rendering: Yes server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation server glx version string: 1.4 It runs fairly good on this low power laptop. FPS is low, but expected. Radu said in channel that my issue is a shader problem. Here are URL's to day and night screenshots on IP: Day: http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r138/la...mafps667302.png Night: http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r138/la...fps667302-1.png I tried it on my workstation loaded with Slackware 12.0, but the glibc version 2.5 wasn't up to date enough.
  6. Storage sale.

    I will buy your other camo cape for 25k. I will be online later tonight between 7 & 9pm eastern US
  7. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I took on the name larrystorch on full time during a night long session of Quake CTF fueled with lots of coffee and sugar. I used it off and on before then, but it stuck after that and I have used it since then non-stop online. Larry Storch is an American TV actor that was popular in the 60's and 70's and was in a TV show I loved as a kid called F-Troop.
  8. bzzz theme song

    similar to badgerbadger: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/footy/
  9. Building your own desktop computer

    Big thanks. I'll have to try that out when I upgrade slack.
  10. Building your own desktop computer

    Very nice What's the applets you are using for sys monitors on the right side. I like how they look like part of root window.
  11. Building your own desktop computer

    I agree completely on Seagate. I still have an old UW SCSI Seagate drive that still runs after 10 years. I currently have 2 750GB Seagate drives set up with RAID 1 (mirrored) on my workstation and they run great. I have been thinking about getting 3 of their 1TB or 1.5TB drives for my fileserver, but there seem to be lots of reports of driving dying in those sizes, so I will wait a few months before deciding. I definitely recommend Newegg for parts if you live in the states. I have been dealing with them for many years and they have great customer service if you need to RMA something. Their customer reviews are a good source of information as well. Just to brag, here is the workstation I built in the beginning of 2008: CPU: AMD 9600 Phenom Memory: 4GB GSkill PC-1066 Mainboard: MSI K8A Platinum Video: ECS N8800GT-512MX+ GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 (fanless) Hard drive: 2x Seagate 750GB SATA drives OS: Slackware
  12. summoning advice needed

    nonononononono......I dont have the nexus for stones and never plan on it, but I love summoning. Ever since I summoning my first hoard of 20 rabbits and watching them swarm a creature to kill it I fell in love with it. It was like watching ants swarming a bug to eat it. Yes, stones are a great way to get levels, but all the longtime summoners fell in love with summoning well before stones came into being. Personally, my goal is to be able to summon mountain chimmies with very little failures.
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    larrystorch - Another 10k wormwood (17.5k gc) please Thanks again
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    larrystorch - 10k wormwood (17.5k gc) Thanks
  15. The teset server needs some testing

    Edit: nvm LabRat addressed it