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  1. Aquila - occasionally it can be quite tight with slots if your muling in. For example:


    Primary Equipment: 8 Slots

    Creature Food: 1 Slot

    Health Essence: 1 Slot

    SRs and BRs: 2 Slots

    EMPs and GHPs: 2 Slots

    Elven Bow: 1 Slot

    PKAs: 1 Slot

    Att/Coord/Reas pots: 3 Slots

    Spare Sword: 1 Slot

    Spare set of armor: 3 Slots

    Spare CoL/RDHoLaM: 1-2 Slots

    Disengagement Rings: 1 Slot

    Hyperspace Keys: 2 Slots

    Rostogols: 1 Slot


    28-29 slots, ignoring other stuff like Summoning stones, FAs incase of bad drops, TTR essence, and the non-stackable potions that many take. Revi is right, you can sometimes quickly fill up your slots while muling.



    On topic however, yes to achievement for mule levels, and for knowing when you go up a level with celebratory message.

  2. Please, lets not have membership :( One of the good things about EL is there's no memberships, unlike RuneScape. But Miiks idea for slightly lowering rosto cost doesn't sound entirely terrible, so if it does happen, that would prolly be best route


    So we need to bring in more money to the game ang your best idea in doing that is to make stuff cost less? The only thing that will do is put more Rostos in the game, people who spend 100 usd on Rostos will still only spend 100 usd on Rostos but rather then but them as often as they do they will buy them less often because there will be less of a demand for them... How does this help?


    Well also notice people would be more willing to risk their rostos if they cost less, so it might increase their demand. Also if ND maps in PK would be removed, it might again raise the demand for rostos. Add the 5 $ per month by players that are willing to pay for membership, I think it would be pretty much a +/- 0 Situation for business and add loads of enjoyment for players. Lowering the prices isn't always the worst option available.


    Ignoring one of your sentences, and your thinking down my path. You lower price, people have more fun, and risk death more often. More risk, means more rostos burnt, means more rostos sold, even if it's for less. It also makes it more fun. Funner game makes happier players, happier players more likely to invest. I'm not very sure on the membership, because you have a decent number of the games population without direct access to paypal (usually due to age).

  3. So...two atoms are walking down a road together. One atom says to the other, "Hey, I think I've lost an electron!" The other atom asks, "Are you sure?" The first atom responds, "Yes, I'm positive!"


    If we're doing chemistry jokes:

    Q: Why was the mole of oxygen molecules excited when he walked out of the singles bar?

    A: He got Avogadro's number!

  4. The 'too close' message makes no sense imo, IRL there is not such thing it is 'point blank' which offers considerable advantages two of them being; it is nyon impossible to miss a target inches from the business eng of your weaponn and second is that the target is hit with the full power of the weapon, so the archer could fire his weapon until a defence roll is made.


    'Too close' is the equivelent of saying that shooting here with definetely result in the thing getting a bit mad and mauling you.. Also, think how stupid it would look having rangers at the same distance from the mob as meleers and rapidly shooting? Too close makes sense in a game, for visual and roleplaying pursposes

  5. Make a new NPC ( or Victor the cape seller in WS) that mixes capes up at a huge fail rate (like 70% chance to lose the item) you take your FR and BP or whatever capes) plus a shop bought coupon to the NPC (about $5 the same price as a rosto prolly) and he makes you a new FRBP (or whatever capes you have combined) cape a way to get loads of capes from game plus makes EL some dollar too, win win :D

    capes can be combined however many times you dare :P

    possibility to use the saving stone as insurance whilst making capes might be wise also


    No. Just... no.

  6. Please, lets not have membership :( One of the good things about EL is there's no memberships, unlike RuneScape. But Miiks idea for slightly lowering rosto cost doesn't sound entirely terrible, so if it does happen, that would prolly be best route

  7. I agrea with wizzy and Cher on the removal for new players... Maybe there can be an NPC that buys them but only if it can track to make sure it was picked up by that player and cap it so high lvl players can't use it and new players can't just buy them and resell them...


    The bold bit seems unnecessary. We don't do that with anything else sold to NPC. Let anyone sell the removals. I got FR removal from under 100 invasion and found a HS Removal in a bag (eventually sold them to guildies who made bad choices). Where would you put the limit, and how does the game track whether you killed the monster? And what if you killed it in a group?



    On topic

    And there are still people moving up the game that may eventually buy your NMT - there are still some newbies, and the alts many people have - and I personally would have a second NMT mixed into an NMW if no buyer presented themselves.