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  1. Problems logging in on Android

    Okies, update... After some more troubleshooting we found that she had the 2014 client posted here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58602 but that there's was a 2015 link on the last page to a more recent version here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59968 which she installed. She then rebooted and presto! - EL now working. Thanks again.
  2. Problems logging in on Android

    Well, I haven't been able to catch her yet to see if any of your tips worked but thanks anyway, guys. I'll let you know how things went when I talk to her again.
  3. Problems logging in on Android

    I have a guildie currently struggling to log in on her smartphone. She says she's getting the error msg "bad username/password" with every char she tries (all of them having different pws). She can still log on her computer. Any ideas on what may be the problem/solution?
  4. Defining [use_areas]

    Oh, I always wondered how that was beam was done. ^^ Thanks again for all the great info. *loves understading how stuf works*
  5. Defining [use_areas]

    Ah! Now *that* makes sense for this area's role. Thanks, guys, all your info was enlightning. Oh, btw, as long as I'm here... The attributes on a ranging arena would be just (multi?)combat + no spellcasting or is there something more to it (I can't seem to find rangers who have tried kicking each other in GP to see what happened ^^)? EDIT - Forgot I meant to ask this... What's the difference between type 0 and type 1 teleport_point?
  6. Defining [use_areas]

    I read somewhere that [use_areas] should not overlap (same as the others but I get the others ). Does that mean that in a small room with more than 1 door you have to split the space to get one area for each of them? I thought they were meant to define where you have to be in order to use an object but it doesn't seem to work like that ingame. Example 1: In PL sto you can use the doors from across the room - if there were 2 areas wouldn't I be told I was too far to access the one farther away as I'd be outside its area? Example 2: In IP I can access/use stuff from a bezillion paces away but the DEF sample posted here on the forum says the average use_area in IP is (or use to be) about 11x16. Totally not getting this. XD
  7. Handling 1 Sided Objects

    Ah. I had not thought of renaming files (fail, as I do that all the time with custom clothes ^^; ) but i ended up doing the same by using the replace tool. Still this might come in handy as I just noticed the replace doesn't quite work as I thought it would in regards to orientation (although... there's no reason why the axis coords or whatever should be handled differently... mmm...). *runs off to experiment* Thanks.
  8. Handling 1 Sided Objects

    OK... I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this one but what the hell... Is there any way to grab a 1 sided obj facing down?
  9. Server Log

    The idea is actually interesting. I often get the impression I'm not hitting at all... *although... that might be because I'm *not* hitting at all XD*
  10. Where's the Chat Log?

    Yep, found it. Search wasn't going into hidden files... Thanks.
  11. Where's the Chat Log?

    Where does the linux version of EL store the info like chat-log, recipes, markers and so on? I often have to use the log and I can't figure out where it's going to. (I'm assuming it makes one as everyone seems to have logs to post in dispute threads and so on...)
  12. How far up for an object?

    I meant FPS drop too. I see it happen in the situations Burn mentioned, see a difference depending on whether I'm outside or in a small room, and some days it just randomly happens. If it's not render overload, the server being lazy or internet connection, then I'm lost. I know how to make pics not the rest of the stuff. ^^
  13. How far up for an object?

    Doh! I'm such an idiot... I spend a lot of my days coming up with computer work-arounds and when considering the test server to help me get a better idea of what was I doing, I totally missed the obvious solution. I see, flickering. So far I haven't really had much of a problem with it despite the fact the way the editor works is often at odds with my style of worldbuilding. I don't have that much water to worry about (I wouldn't be able to do what I'd like to with it anyway) and I'm aware of what a literal drag alpha maps can be so I'll try to keep those to a mininum. The reason I've been concerned about how "heavy" in general the map might get is because how often I find guildmaps lagging. Yeah, half of them are cluttered as hell but just the other day I was exploring one that shouldn't have been lagging that much and it was. A lot. Maybe I was having a bad internet day, I dunno. I'll go back to chek on it again. Another reason is that I know how the guys doing the maps in OL often complain of the lagging they're getting on maps that seem uncluttered enough to me. Granted, I dunno if they've changed the render engine, if it differs in any way of what EL is using, but one of the guys there was doing something in a similar style to mine and he decided it just wouldn't work. So, yeah, basically I've been cutting down as much as I can where I can to avoid similar results. Thanks for all the info, guys, this should help.
  14. How far up for an object?

    Ooops! Totally missed your post... ^^; No, I wasn't asking in terms of where you can walk but how much is viewable from where you are. In other words - if it makes more sense to you - If I were to stand on higher ground, I would be seeing higher and therefore that would extend the amount of er... "admitable object placing altitude", for lack of a better term. As it turns out, this really isn't an issue for me but I was curious. Nothing I ever read on map making (and I've read pretty much everything everywhere) explained this or what viewing distance is measured in. I ran some tests but couldn't figure out what it was. Again, not essencial to what I'm doing but I like to know how stuff works. Got another question, btw (and this one does matter) - why when punching a hole through the standard ground, to raise or lower the floor, do ppl use 3d tiles instead of 2d ones to cover it up? I mean... 2 faces would be far lighter on the game than 12 so I'm assuming there's a reason why everyone apparently avoided it. I thought the camera might go through them but that's not the case (in the editor at least) so I don't get it. Did they all just forget about it?
  15. How far up for an object?

    Is there a limit to how high a non-walkable object should be or it's just a matter of keeping things within viewing distance from a place you can stand on? (Btw, the default viewing distance is 80, but 80 what? Just curious. ^^)