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  1. Manufacturing strike!

    15 pages topic. But there is just 1 thing to say : Your fault if the ingreds became so expensive, you shouldn't have mass produced for magic swords. It isn't just about radu reducing EFE rate.
  2. 12k AEs for sale

  3. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    Yes, because harvesting a dragon takes 10 hours, right? i'm talking about the people that can't kill a dragon... They harvest silver or coal or make fe or what ever.
  4. Server Dis-connect?

    well, I do not think radu can do anything about this. his server is all working fine. it's up to the people from above.net but...but..he is teh g0d seems he's not afterall sucks i need 110k for attack lvl ^^
  5. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    harvest 10 hours to pay 1 hour training ? Better train 11 hours and make still more xp + money people don't understand that ^^
  6. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    Thre is no need for such a sink, if players don't use hem, the potioners won't make them, yes? People don't buy/use scales, peolpe still kill dragons ^^ (thats why there is 700+ scales ingame ) anyway i know only 1 person planning to buy some potions maybe he will buy all he will make nice xp then everybody will copy and it won't work anymore coz the spawns will be packed again haha
  7. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    people with a lot of gc don't need thoses potions to train, it will just boost their xp maybe 2x more / hour if they make it right but the cost will be like more than 10k gc/hour essies + the potions to use + the broken armor + difficulty to find a spawn now that the chims have their stats easier to train on single spawn. anyway, the pots are just some dragon scale sink, but if no one uses the potions sooner or later we will need a potion sink too because they will just stack ingame. The problem remains.
  8. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    + auto attack on the monsters has been reduced so its very hard to train thoses monsters with an a/d low enough so they would auto attack you. Most of ppl would get pwnt if a/d reduce to obtain an auto attack from the monsters because their attributes would be too low. anyway i think the pot is too expensive for what it provides.
  9. PIGs invasion on kf

    come patrol in *CO* cave plx i will be training there :>
  10. Desert Chims

    oh good i can multi :=0
  11. Desert Chims

    DCW's ignore level was reduced about a week ago to roughly DEF 111 (might be the odd level either way) The other chims and DCW's spawn times havent been changed yet Note: I wasnt going to comment on the ignore level, because im just happy the spawn times will be reduced yes i know but didn't readu decrease auto attack for fc/mc too ? ^^ if so do u know the level now ?
  12. Desert Chims

    So whats ignore level on the chims now ? ^^
  13. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    Speaking of it, wouldn't be a bad idea to have 100-130 a/d instance in between the 80-100 one and the one which apparently takes 130+ a/d players to be mastered. I believe that 100-130 a/d instance would soon prove to be the most popular one, as it would cover the widest range of fighters in game. Agreed, the 100-130 group atm seem to be stuck between too easy (80-100) and too difficult (130+)...and as dreyan said, it could prove to be the most popular a/d catagory, since thats where people usually stop training or slow down when the exp / lvl gets to 'large for them to handle'. Also you often get the bunch of people trying to get 100 in each skill, and once they have gotten 100 a/d(or maybe a little larger) they focus on other skills. Totally agree with all thats said here just change the monsters a bit lower and the drops lower quality
  14. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    hardest instance can't be done by low 110-120s team so what do they do if they can't access 80-100 lvl instance ? nothing ? thats nice Don't cry, just train to 140's. lol i don't cry ^^ im just a poor harvester <3
  15. 80 - 100 instance available for testing.

    hardest instance can't be done by low 110-120s team so what do they do if they can't access 80-100 lvl instance ? nothing ? thats nice
  16. Kusamura Jungle

    no more mother****** harvester noobs there now then, we can put back the cockatrices then
  17. Santa hats for sale for the shop

    Next year is in 3 weeks, yay ! or do you mean next year = next xmass
  18. Instances, first public test

    i say at least 120 - 30 giants to start with is fine if you have enough supplies, wave 2 is supposed to restock you a bit... but how does a monster with mirror perk 800 hp that can hit you and drops 10 he sometimes restock ? - maybe lower a bit gc drop but make it more he/sr ^^
  19. #pki disabling

    ye lol, imo ban aislar for abuse like this no just kidding, pki reset + sanction anyway, we should make things buyable with pki like 2 pk points u get this item, and reset pki once every 2 months. problem is that some people would still abuse and have themselves killed by someone for gc >.< u know i had 17 pki and started giving it away because i don't feel its worth much in the end... and when u hav e17 pki and get killed by someone 0 pki u lose 0.5+ so maybe its not worth pking to get 0.08 from someone when u lose 0.5 when u die.
  20. its easier to kill someone in NCA than in kf - people are just tooo stupid to understand that. in kf you get multied but almost impossible to catch, in nca you get 1 vs 1 and caught 90% times. anyway no thx for nca no drop.
  21. Make bethel cave single combat.

    nono........... you train 1x chim, u get ∂ blocks/hour ; u train 4x chim u get 4∂ blocks /hour so 4x more blocks. fine, with tinf you block same if its 4 chims or 1. But there is the critical hit you cannot block : 1x chim : ∆ crit/hour ; 4x chim => 4∆crit/hour. lets say break rate on tit plate is 1/10k hits - you get ∆ hit in 1 hour on single chim : your break chance is ∆/10k ; 4x chims, break is 4∆/10k = 4x more chance to break your armor on 4x chim than 1x chim because u get 4x more critical hits. training 1 chim for 4 hours is like training 4 chims for 1 hour with tinf, so you break your armor 4 times faster on 4chims, 3 times faster on 3 chims etc
  22. Make bethel cave single combat.

    yes, but there is another map also : 1.3M+ / hour i think in melinis you get 1.4M thelinor is like 1.3+m/hour also bethel feros is like 1.1-1.2m i should check in ww soon but i don't expect more than 800k/h (chims so more expensive) u get 1.1m too in imbrog
  23. best pk drop ever

    though my ping i didn't drop much, a small bunch of cols with peach on peace day, ah yes we pked moebird : royal purple cape, col, mol and some more things on drop we gave her back the cape <3 got very few great swords, maybe 1 or 2 not much drops markusweck always had rosto when i pked him :s
  24. BroD - beware !

    how ?
  25. Make bethel cave single combat.

    serping wouldn´t be a possibility anymore either i already serped in non multi maps harming is not very boring :]