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  1. ming pk contest ideas

    I have been asked to run some pk contests radu providing the prizes and he will moderate. With this being said i would like to get the EL communities opinion on this what kind of contest would we like to see happen?I have thought of possibly placing some bags around a pk map and holding capped a/d contests. maybe a tag team contest where 2 ppl team together in the same range to try and win all in like a last man standing contest. or who can handle the most people at once but not sure exactly how to make that one work. on the other hand we could do guild wars and start in totally separate maps losing ur bags at ur own risk the guild that reaches 10 frags first wins the prize and everyone from the guild that par took in the event gets a prize these are jus a few options. Now i would like to know your thoughts!
  2. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    ok TYVM!
  3. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    I got to looking and i was wrong today is when my ban is up so if youu could kindly unlock monkeydoodle i will stay out of trouble. TYVM!
  4. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    Hi i believe it has been 31 days since i was ban could you please unlock the monkeydoodle character i deffinately have learned my lesson ty.
  5. MonkeyDoodle and _archer_ banned

    I am truly sorry for what i did.I got on here just to let it be known when im unban i would like MonkeyDoodle not _ARCHER_..ty and again imm sorry