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    Has anyone created a new version of this file?
  2. Banned

    I thought he offloaded his items to someone else. So a storage wipe would not hurt him what-so-ever. Essentially, in my reading of this, what he scammed was converted to real world $.
  3. Banned

    My logs definitely show 4/sec. I could comb them more to see if it got up to 5.
  4. Banned

    Not going to get much sympathy here.
  5. spartan_warrior/onuris

    Yeah. He helpfully pointed out when my bot was misbehaving. Guess he figured out the pattern and drained 3.5m of our gc too. I see that he has read the above posting. Hopefully he will be kind enough to surrender.

    So, is this going to remain an opt-in change, or is this going to become a permanent protocol change? I am asking because I see the default on both servers is still the earlier protocol.

    Can you enumerate all the areas that this applies to now? Inventory, Storage & Trading or what?
  8. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    A suggestion by hatwood that I implemented. patch #002936 on Berlios. Adds an Exp/Min counter in the Session tab. Kind of fun to watch it while harvesting. I am sure it is much more useful for the a/d junkies.
  9. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    True, but you know people are wanting to brag about that decimal place.
  10. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    Still need someone to commit this into berlios...
  11. Expiring bots.

    Ryddler already sent in a payment for Adarah.
  12. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    Well, I talked to Ent and he already approved this so I guess I'll push it into CVS. edit: bah, my commit access was removed. OK, who wants to submit this for me?
  13. New players online mirror page

    I guess no one really uses this feature anymore. Wish it could come back online.

    I just got back into the game last week or so and noticed this. Any update on when the change will take place on live? Also, how about HERE_YOUR_GROUND_ITEMS? Will that be altered as well?
  15. I believe that this ban was unjustified because I have not played the game in over 2 months. A range of addresses must have been banned along with mine. From what I can tell, my IP address is -Awn
  16. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    I am opposed. Sure there is a level of realism that this brings in that there are no realistic infinite resources in our world. But this is Eternal lands. True, it is not "Infinite Lands", but that is beside the point. I can see how some will like this: . Fewer resources -> Less manufacture -> Higher prices but I am not quite sure if that will actually occur. For those of us who use most of our spare time trying to program bots or help out with the client, all we have time for is harvesting (some mods are in this situation too I hear). The mini-events made it less time. Having to hunt for a resource might reduce it further, unless we plant ourselves miles from a storage (along with all the other afk harvesters).
  17. Place for patches?

    Seems that berlios is having certificate issues. Is it our intention to keep them as our patch repository or perhaps go with something like code.google.com?
  18. Place for patches?

    It must have just been that day. It was different from the standard Firefox3 security exception error. Works now (still need to store an exception though)
  19. Bot that expired and that will expire this month.

    I have managed Adarah for over 4 years now, but traditionally guildies have made the payments to keep her online. Melchloren has not really played in several months now, so none of us was told that her payment was up. I found out about this today through a very extended grapevine. I am going to try and cobble together a payment today. Edit: done
  20. Bots speaking in local

    As some of you know, Adarah announces the proximity of Gargs at Raven to give the new players fair warning of impending doom. I disabled the "No summoning near storage" warning though.
  21. Some of you may not know that you can easily change channels with CTRL-PGUP/PGDN. I use that to toggle which channel I am on instead of @@<channel>. In either case (#gm or @guild) you should think before typing. Laziness is not a good enough excuse for sending a sensitive comment to the wrong players.
  22. Supports this proposal whole-heartedly. I'll even make the necessary client changes.
  23. I added a patch to berlios that will add a "Google" context menu item when right clicking in the console. Whatever text is selected will be sent as a search to Google. It applies cleanly to today's CVS with -p1 Screenshot at http://img521.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...textmenuwo2.jpg I should put a check in to make sure that text is actually highlighted, but I am tired right now.
  24. The teset server needs some testing

    I can easily reproduce me dying to an armed orc.
  25. The teset server needs some testing

    I have tried rabbits, orcs, armed orcs, and boars but could not replicate. tried exiting while walking, fighting, using a telepad. no ill effects. (other than dying to an armed orc)