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    Has anyone created a new version of this file?
  2. Banned

    I thought he offloaded his items to someone else. So a storage wipe would not hurt him what-so-ever. Essentially, in my reading of this, what he scammed was converted to real world $.
  3. Banned

    My logs definitely show 4/sec. I could comb them more to see if it got up to 5.
  4. Banned

    Not going to get much sympathy here.
  5. spartan_warrior/onuris

    Yeah. He helpfully pointed out when my bot was misbehaving. Guess he figured out the pattern and drained 3.5m of our gc too. I see that he has read the above posting. Hopefully he will be kind enough to surrender.

    So, is this going to remain an opt-in change, or is this going to become a permanent protocol change? I am asking because I see the default on both servers is still the earlier protocol.

    Can you enumerate all the areas that this applies to now? Inventory, Storage & Trading or what?
  8. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    True, but you know people are wanting to brag about that decimal place.
  9. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    Still need someone to commit this into berlios...
  10. Expiring bots.

    Ryddler already sent in a payment for Adarah.
  11. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    Well, I talked to Ent and he already approved this so I guess I'll push it into CVS. edit: bah, my commit access was removed. OK, who wants to submit this for me?
  12. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    A suggestion by hatwood that I implemented. patch #002936 on Berlios. Adds an Exp/Min counter in the Session tab. Kind of fun to watch it while harvesting. I am sure it is much more useful for the a/d junkies.
  13. New players online mirror page

    I guess no one really uses this feature anymore. Wish it could come back online.

    I just got back into the game last week or so and noticed this. Any update on when the change will take place on live? Also, how about HERE_YOUR_GROUND_ITEMS? Will that be altered as well?
  15. I believe that this ban was unjustified because I have not played the game in over 2 months. A range of addresses must have been banned along with mine. From what I can tell, my IP address is -Awn