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  1. Expiring bots

    just payed for hydrotrader .. 89H90932KV664715E.
  2. Expiring bots

    Hydrotrader has been payed today.. ty
  3. Community Armory

    When i see a real newbie struggling i offer advice and teach them about excavator cape, magic (sigals) and fire essence ect, if i feel they need it i do often sort them out with a few aug sets and maybe a few ings for fire essence just to get them into the idea of working for themselves. I used to give free st00f to newbies alot but over time realized it isnt doing them any favours i also started to realize that the same people/person was indeed not only coming back to me on alts but also getting free st00f from other players. I know from experience this system would be abused and make alot of work for mods and result in alot of bans, banning is something that really bothers me. With this in mind i like pipers idea of them not losing items untill they are a higher level say level 30 OA however they should go to the underworld to get them accustomed to dieing at maybe level 15 OA. At those levels they should have at least mastered the basics. At present Mods are sort of newbie helpers on channel 1 as well as some players, would it not be a good idea to instead of leaving it to the mods, to create sort of a new level of newbie helpers abit like mods especially aimed at helping newbies find their feet? basicly they could have some sort of command similar to #help so that if a newbie wants help they can get help from (a trained) newbie helper who can take them for a walk to key areas like magic shops, crystal caverns and other usefull newbie areas, this way they can get 1 on 1 help creating a friendly enviroment from the start for them. This could then work in conjunction with the donation idea, example if we had some sort of npc/bot on ip where the donated items are stored the helper could use some command to activate access for maybe 1 set of newbie armour and a few potions and essence upon completion of a task that the helper gave the newbie. Example once that newbie successfully bought increase and health sigals from the magic shop it activates one use of the npc/bot, this way if they do not make the effort they dont get the items and we are not donating to losers. It may actually take some pressure from real mods too (not sure)
  4. the dutchies lag?

    Dutcies in my guild have it too, they are with KPN so im guessing the problem is with the ISP
  5. Guild Merges

    LGC is a friendly active guild for nice people any smaller guilds that are similar and would like to merge with us pm me for a chat about it As for my opinion it makes total sense alot of close to dead guilds out there.
  6. I have been using FB for a few months now to simply spam things like "playing my favourite game give it a try at http://www.eternal-lands.com/ its awsome" it got a couple of new players and a couple of old players back, imagine to possibilties if everyone did the same From experience EL is not newbie friendly and it doesnt hurt to help them out some, im always doing it, in fact my whole guild does its fair share to help too. It isnt up to the comunnity to do this, no one is saying you must entertain newbies Infamous but for those that like to ... It is possible to sign up for FB advertising and can set the limit of hits, why not set up some system where players can donate a small amount of $ especially for advertising then radu could set up official FB advertising and see how it goes, if it doesnt work out np, but theres a chance it will fetch 100's of new players. Im willing to put 10 usd to such a venture im sure others would too.
  7. Woot its a birthday!

    That final invasion was truely great fun i would like to see more of them just like that one, all in all ty for a great day and ofc ty for the game. Happy Birthday EL \o/ think LittleLooter enjoyed it too
  8. win7

    Hi, i dont run windows 7 but maybe this thread will help, GL http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...&hl=windows
  9. I Want to join a guild

    LGC would welcome you
  10. Missing some posts i made in Forum

    I had this problem with internet explorer once, sometimes if i refreshed the post would be there, i unchecked the "delete browsing history on exit" in internet options in the control panel and seems to work fine now. I often get the odd problem with internet explorer so have google chrome installed as a back up. thats just a guess based on what happened to me, if its not that then maybe its an ebul mod
  11. Banana Serp /Ice and Fire

    I like this idea, i would like a ice serp if its around the same stats as thermal .. vote!
  12. I remember a thread years ago about this but cant find it, iirc it is ment to be annoying, Personaly i think the rock should stay it is sometimes actually funny and normally theres nothing funny about walking. I would like to see market areas around all those bots though.
  13. Lots of Auctions :)

    515k for thermal or 50 hydro bars
  14. Wipe and Cap

    Voted against this, the mass exodus would do great damage to the game. I would like to see a very high cap above whatever the highest level is at the moment that way no one would need compensating, lets say 170-180ish, although it would still take years of grinding or alot of $$ at least lower level players can have some satisfaction in knowing that eventually they can catch up because when they get to that level at least the current high level players wont be 200+. This in my opinion is the only logical solution and is very simple. Most newbies will probably be in the 50'+s before they realize just how hard the challenge is and by that time they will probably be eddicted enough to stay. It would also make ALOT of highish leveled players happy im sure. In time this would cause numbers to rise making the game more popular.
  15. Windows XP Media Center Edition

    i think you need the latest version from here http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php
  16. Fire Sword Manu!

  17. Its become clear that many people either do not use the forum often enough or not at all, i think it would be a good idea to spam the odd message when we have new updates, this way people are aware whats new and will help get people to use the forum more.
  18. Potion of Speed Hax

    As many of you are aware i am the only person in game that is still able to run using the Speed Hax(at least as far as im aware). The hax was disabled a few months ago because of its LACK of use however i am amazed at the attention i have recieved in game by still having this ability, i have recieved many pm's asking how speed hax works and where they can buy the potions only for me to disapoint them by telling them they can't because it is now disabled. Many of these people did not even know Speed Hax ever even existed and most of these people where not newbies. Taking this into consideration i believe Speed Hax was not given enough time to take off before it was disabled so i am now campaigning to bring it back. I must make it clear that should it be allowed back it is very unlikely entropy will adjust the food usage or the recipe for making it, to those that are against the food consumption etc i would ask you to consider this: you have the choice to NOT use it. so please lets not whine about that here. This poll is simply about if it should be brought back so that those who want to use it can do so. Benifits of Hax Hax can improve your game and be an advantage to you and can be alot of fun too. You can get around much faster allowing you to complete your objectives much quicker which in my opinion pays back for the food consumption. With high EMU and use of the tele room spells you can be a awsome mule for guild events. It is also excellent to use for death bag recovery, i have returned quiet a few death bags in the last few months as i can be there very fast indeed. It also has great possibilties to organise new contest like races and maybe some sort of marathon, should it be brought back i plan to host some myself. Are you a bot owner and find your time is taken up by having to walk back and forth from storage to your bot? then hax could be what you are looking for ! If you are a pr0 joker hunter imagine the possibilities while Haxed. Its great for doing hydro runs too making it much faster and does make it harder for "some" pkers to catch you. You can play your game the same as before, it is NOT true that while using the hax you can not mix ect, you should be aware that while you are stood/sat still the hax has no effect on food consumption, you just need to be sure not to let your food value go to minus 30. Im sure i could think of many other uses but i will leave it at that as this thread will get too big to read Food Consumption The food consumption was considered the main problem by alot of people, i have to admit it was a problem to me too the first few weeks i used it as the slightest lack of attention could be very costly, i had to use 3 potions on my 1st day, before long i could manage a week, now months if not forever (10 pots in total). Regardless that it is only clicking i see it as a skill that developes over time, it became second nature and i no longer have to think about it hardly consentrating on the food at all. I find the best way is to use toadstools though i do not have the ability to use bones so therefore i can not compare. to get the stools i simply harvest mass amounts when im too busy doing something in real life to allow me to play el properly, like if im watching a movie or busy working in photoshop or even surfing the forums, sometimes i buy them too. antidote potions are not that big of a problem as the amount of times you are poisoned usually isnt that often and when it is if you know how to handle it you can run long distances only requiring 1 antidote potion... i have run to the hydrogenium mines 100's of times and only ever taken 1 potion which gets used at the mine and never died due to the poison infact i even made it there a few times without being poisoned at all, this is a good demonstration of just how far you can run. Feasting potions can be used though in my opinion this works out to be more expensive and if you are carrying a full load i found the odd toadstool is required. also remember that the food consumption is based on a percentage of the total weight in your inventory, i find if on running from votd storage to norcarn storage with nothing much in my inventory i can do it with alot less shrooms and less posion to deal with. Economy and game play Speed Hax can effect the economy in a bigger way than most people notice, it will make more sales in shrooms, antidote, bones, pof, sr, he, ingredience for these sort of items too. Also adds more fun for the lenny hunt. In conjunction with the tele room spells its possible harvesters can be more efficient Most importantly though is is the hax's ability to make the game more fun and exciting, since i learnt to control the hax my game play has been much more fun, exciting and more profitable than before and would like other people to be able to have that opertunity. When i 1st started playing el about 4 years ago one of the 1st things i was disapointed about is how slow the game was without the ability to run, i have seen it suggested many times from other people and im sure most of you thought the same. With this in mind i think at least hax is better than nothing right? at least those that want to give it a go can do right? I sincerely believe hax is one of the best updates el has ever had to improve gameplay if only enough people would give it a chance. Sorry for the huge post but this is my only shot at getting the hax back and i feel strongly about it and i had to get across things you may not have considered P.S if you feel strongly about it too why not help me in my campaign by spamming the url in your guild channel a few times for me so that i can get as many people to vote as possible
  19. Custom Clothing

    I find it strange that you should find my explanation deserves deletion anyway i have sent sir_odie the names of all people with this design of caped so that he can delete them, impersonation of mods was never intended. edit: hmm strange my explanation wasnt deleted, just for some reason the forum wasnt showing it lol. now it is (strange)
  20. Custom Clothing

    If this is what you are refering to i would like to make it clear it was never ment to be a "copy" of a mod cape, though i can see where you are coming from. It simply made sense that should any logo be used on a cape then the EL logo was most appropriate, as for the colour that too was never intended to be the same as the mod cape, i accidently created this color cape while messing with photoshop and liked it so much because in the right light conditions it looks like true gold. I do remember doing a search at the time and finding somewhere that the EL logo was allowed to be used for game related stuff so assumed it was ok, i also remember asking labrat at the time it was added if it was ok and he seemed to think there was nothing wrong with it. I have been wearing this cape for about 3 years and never once has any assumed im a mod because of it. I should also make it clear that there is about 6 other people that have this cape. After reading this i will pay sir_odie to delete them all and notify the others, should labrats version become available again i will also ask him to do the same. Sorry for any inconvienience created here but i just want you to know that impersonation was never the objective here.
  21. Thanks herculese!

    Well Done
  22. Free bot hosting service

    WOOT \o/ Im not surprised its one hell of a good service and tyvm for that. You guys rock
  23. Update Notice

    I was thinking something simple like #New Update press F2 to see details http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50787 just say 4 times a day for the 1st 2 or 3 days. I like robotbobs idea about putting it in news too.
  24. Potion of Speed Hax

    It's good to see the potion being given a second try. But I'm curious, if the cost and usage structure are unchanged from the first implementation, why do we expect the results of the second try to be different? I would think there would be better ways to encourage the usage of the potion besides the overshadowing of removal. As i explained many people didnt even know it was there in the 1st place, it simply wasnt given long enough. TYVM ENTROPY !!!
  25. Potion of Speed Hax

    ROFL .. ah well im no pr0 potter