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  1. This sounds great. Looking forward to checking it out.
  2. There is a hidden log under the woodpile on the Mount of Sorrow (SRM). Can be seen with the right camera angle.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1kJhSMuV60 The violence is taken out of the Itchy & Scratchy show and all the kids go outside to play instead. 1:33 is the moment they go outside.
  4. Hovering over certain degraded items in the item list does not display the item name. Eg Pre-owned tit axe, Used tit cuisses.
  5. Normally when a weapon is equipped and I double click on another weapon in my inventory, the weapons are swapped. This does not work for the pre-owned titanium axe. I first have to double click on the axe and then double click on the new weapon.
  6. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    None of these sites seem to exist any more.
  7. I switched to KDE and had the same problem. This was resolved by going to System settings - Window Behavior - Window Actions and changing the action for Alt - Left click to Do nothing. It would probably also work to change the modifier key from Alt to Meta (the Windows key). Maybe this helps others.
  8. Clicking Alt-LeftMouseButton on an item in the inventory is supposed to put all of that item to storage. This doesn't work on my system with the standard Alt key to the left of the keyboard. Instead I have to click the AltGr button, which is to the right of the spacebar on my German keyboard. Strangely Alt works for other commands, such as Alt-s sit/stand. I had a look at the key.ini file, but can't find any likely settings that might affect this. System information I am running on Debian with the package version The setxkbmap command gives the following: setxkbmap -query rules: evdev model: pc105 layout: de variant: nodeadkeys I have not altered my key.ini settings.
  9. Thanks Aislinn. I am using LXDE, which uses openbox as a window manager. in my file ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml I commented out the following under <mouse>: <!-- eternal lands <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Press"> <action name="Focus"/> <action name="Raise"/> </mousebind> <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Click"> <action name="Unshade"/> </mousebind> <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Drag"> <action name="Move"/> </mousebind> --> This fixed it. Alt-LeftClick works now.
  10. As I said above, I am using the one available with the package #ver gives the following: Eternal Lands Version 1.9.5-20200906.0003
  11. EFE's giveaway

  12. Linux static bin needed for the update.

    I had exactly the same problem. After installing libpng3 and restarting the client, everything was ok.
  13. How would i go about starting ranging?

    According to the encyclopedia, they both do 5-8 damage. I also thought I noticed differences in damage between the bows. Is the encyclopedia wrong?
  14. TS Pots a/d penalty

    Could someone tell me what the maximum a/d penalty is for TS pots? I took a few pots and got the penalty 3 times, but my a/d was reduced by only 8. I seem to recall reading that you could reduce it more. Is that true, or has it changed?
  15. TS Pots a/d penalty

    Thanks. It worked.
  16. Crash after re-connect

    I have the harvesting effect enabled. After a network disconnect while harvesting and then a re-connect, I sometimes notice that the harvesting effect keeps on going, although I am no longer harvesting. When I then start harvesting, the harvesting effect stopped. When I then stopped harvesting, the client crashed. This, or something similar, has happened twice so far.
  17. Crash after re-connect

    How do I do that? (I am running linux btw).
  18. CVS Tags

    I see that 1.6.0 final has now been released in binary format, but has not been tagged in CVS. I don't want to appear to be complaining, or overly fussy, but might I suggest that greater use is made of CVS tags or labels. In my experience, it is a great help in knowing exactly which version you are testing on. As a linux user, if I wanted to test a particular RC, or switch between RCs to track down a particular bug, I would have to try to guess when the RC was built and get cvs from that time. It is a bit late now, but I think every binary release (that means RCs and not just full releases) should also be tagged. There is very little overhead or effort in doing so and the advantages are that you can always test with a defined state. Anyway the final release should at the very minimum be labelled.
  19. I would like to test this in linux too, which means that I have to compile from CVS. As there you have not tagged this test release, it would mean that I would have to test against HEAD, which currently seems to be quite a moving target, with lots of new features. Would it be possible to tag such test and bug-fix releases in future? That way we could at least build to a defined state.
  20. Azerty configuration

    Strange, it works for my qwertz (german) keyboard.
  21. Forum registration

    Could you please let Cthulhu_lnx into the forums. He is in the lnx guild and is not a bot.
  22. I just compiled the CVS client without errors. When I try to start the app, I get a white screen. I see a background of a different colour however, where the greeting text usually is. Any clues? I am running gentoo linux with the binary nvidia drivers.
  23. CVS Client on gentoo linux - white screen.

    Thanks for the help. I followed your advise and got it working.
  24. CVS Client on gentoo linux - white screen.

    Thanks. I downloaded the latest data files from the beplacid site. Now the client starts, but when I attempt to logon it segfaults.
  25. CVS Client on gentoo linux - white screen.

    Where do I get the data files? I don't want to simply write over my existing client.