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  1. Enriched Essences...

    I feel lucky in the amount of stones I have received...from harvesting 158,116 iron; 134,322 coal; 103,880 sulfur; 58,201 silver; 56.685 quartz (all colours); 12,208 gems and 4,123 gold. 1 rostogol stone 5 binding stones 4 enrichment stones 1 coordination removal 1 physique removal 1 magic removal 1 serpent stone not so lucky mixing rare items.... 1 enriched death from 156 death essence 6 enriched fire from 81,692 fire essence 2 enriched life from 4686 life essence 12 potions of extra mana from 9736 spirit restoration potions 2 potions of great healing from 5379 body restoration potions
  2. AmosMoses bot in Nordcarn

    29th day in the month of Chimar, the year 0032, Age of the Eternals Has 0 slots available Has 0 EMU available Has 0 gc to pay for goods Will update this post regularly. (I have many things I would like to sell to him as he offers to pay the highest prices.)
  3. Mule level update

    exactly what I was going to say. at the very least a message to let you know exactly when the mule levels up so we can keep track ourselves.
  4. This is a great page listing all the special days that have occurred. Is it possible for someone to continue to keep this current? It stops at the end of August 2012. thank you
  5. Special Day History List on CEL site

    Thank you. A perfect page. What is the benefit of logging in? Well I guess I will log in and find out.
  6. Removal/modification of rule 5

    IMO it can only affect 'the market' for the better. More toons harvesting=more raw materials, for players to use but also to trade on market. More raw materials on market = a little more balance in the demand for the hotselling things like silver, iron, coal, even iron/steel bars etc. ...... I don't see the need for a market or trading if I we can all have unlimited alts trading with each other. One alt would be dedicated to harvesting iron ore and coal and hauling to sto; another would make endless FEs; the third would make a ton of steel bars. Who would want to buy these since everyone else could do the same thing? OK so we make a ton of weapons and armour out of these bars. Now what? Who will buy these? No marketplace = no team work = no game play.
  7. Special Day History List on CEL site

    thanks for the info. look forward to Gossip bot or some other bot being back in operation.
  8. Pear finder cooldown

    I have never looked for a pear, but I guess Burn should take a break. lol. I dunno. How will 90 seconds help if the experts can find the pear in the first 20 minutes?? *shrug*
  9. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    These rules are very helpful as guildelines only. In the end we need to be able to trust our team mates. I still think that a venue to form teams, pick leaders and/or delegate specific tasks will go a long way to avoiding misunderstandings. channel 4060, 6080, etc. would be a good place to clarify what each person will bring and what role they will play in the invance. a mod could then check that each team member has agreed to their role and has agreed to bring the stated armour, weapons, essies, etc.
  10. Hi. I' have searched for the thread where I remember reading all about the #arm command. the author detailed line by line what each item in the command meant. a link please. thank you
  11. yes. thank you. Edit: I also found this in EL wiki which is not supported officially but is a player maintained site. http://el-wiki.net/Guides/arm
  12. New invance rules discussion

    I only participated in 1 invance and we lost badly. 1. In any case I think that there should be some time before the monsters arrive where all fighters can discuss their roles and pair up into teams. This way everyone knows their responsibilities and what is expected. This discussion could take place inside the fort, thus representing the final count of fighters for a given invance. Much conflict can be avoided by clear communication beforehand. 2. Each level of invance should have a definite "best" armour. For example, 40-60 could be a full aug set; 100-120 could be a full steel set. The creatures released at each level should reflect the a/d levels and armour.
  13. problem at portland sto

    Deckara is talking about 18,000 NOT 180,000.
  14. what is the new perk?

    What is the new perk?
  15. bots with no gc

    @ Bat17. You have a great point there! Never thought of that. There are certain bots offering the highest price ofr a certain item and they consistently have no gc or EMU. I'm going to start a thread and copy paste everytime I come across a bot with no gc or no EMU. Dated and time stamped, of course. We'll get to the bottom of this problem somehow. @ WiFi. Channel 3 is also a good place to announce bots with no GC or EMU. It is trade related after all!!
  16. bots with no gc

    Cleaning out my sto of unused items and running across many bots with no gc or no free EMU. VERY ANNOYING. Can the bot send a message to the owner for each occasion that a user is unable to complete a trade for these reasons? Then when the owner logs onto the game or returns from AFK he or she will be notified that 1. the bot needs attention and also that 2. he/she has lost business from 'x' number of transactions. I realize that each owner buys or writes their own bot scripts. Could an enterprising person write and sell/donate such a bot script for bot owners in the future? Given 2 bots that are buying or selling an item at the same price, I would definitely give my business to the bot with better customer service.
  17. I have an idea for a couple of special days that may encourage more group harvesting events.. A day where each player can carry twice as much in inventory. If that is too extreme then perhaps a day where carrying capacity is increased by 50%. A day where harvesting is twice as fast. i.e. without Gathering cape 2x items are harvested. With cape 4x items are harvested. How would these days be useful? I think it may encourage group harvesting events. Groups events could be a nice change from the usual solitary grind. I don't think stocking up on havestable items harms gameplay as far as I can tell. This could be a helpful day for new players who need to do a lot of harvesting to level up.
  18. Still no help for us potioners. Can we please have a Day of Potioning (extra Potioning experience). Or a potioning daily, please.
  19. I support the suggestions above that encourage all types of players to participate in collecting items for the Global Quest. This includes new players, old players, harvesters, PKers, fighters, mixers. *any one player can only contribute 10% (or whatever amount) of the total needed. *one or more requirements for the Global involve advanced a/d skills. i.e. need 100 yetis. *one or more requirements involve low fighting skills. (vast amounts of rat tails) *remove the contentious oranges from the Global (?) *add Global Rewards that would benefit each type of player (fighter, harvester, mixer, etc.)
  20. Making Pickaxes...

    I was going to say YES to being able to make our own picks, but read further down the thread and changed my mind. Can't make the Anti-Social Perk too easy and need some place to soak up excess gc from the game to keep the inflation down.
  21. Top Guilds

    There was an idea further up the suggestions section about rewarding players who logged in everyday. Above Cyrano mentions the fact that many large guilds actually have only a few players who still play EL and log on regularly. Combining these 2 ideas could we keep track of how many hours a player is active on EL and include that stat into the guild rankings? This brings up the problem of players who stay logged on for days on an end to collect action points etc. Can the server automatically log off inactive players - i.e. those who have no mouse or keyboard actions in the last 30 minutes? I have always felt that the game logs me out every time my food level hits -30...?
  22. Quests

    If I understand the previous 4 pages, this debate is between giving hints that lead to quests (encourages player exploration) or no hints at all in-game (which, some say, leads to heavy use of cheat sites). Zaer and Infamous (I think) would like EL players to not use the cheat sites because this reduces the game to plain old grinding away for experience and gc which is boring. Radu would like EL to have more players; so would Zaer and Infamous. I hope I got this correct... I started playing this game the way I would play Myst. Clicking on everything and everyone with the basic walk/arrow tool to see what would happen. I love this kind of exploration, especially with a new game. I had no problem finding the Newbie Tutorial and started working on that. The problem is that EL has 6 tools (walk/arrow, look at/eye, use/pointer finger, use with/fist, trade/two-hands and attack/sword). I would like a hint such as "try clicking this using the eye tool". Or "You may need a hammer." Or when hovering over an object of interest it could flash indicating I try different tools. Even now after playing for several months, I could never hope to find many of EL's secrets with simple exploration of a map using the basic walk tool. It is pointless... so I don't even try anymore. It's down to grind, grind, grind. So I ended up using Choris and EL-wiki. Quickly whipped through almost all the quests. Spoiled the game for myself. Grind, grind, grind.... EXAMPLE: There is a secret short-cut to get to the gypsum on Arius. I would have never ever found this secret if a guildie had not shown it to me. It involves a particular tool. The permutations for figuring this out are endless. I would have enjoyed using the 'eye' tool for example to 'explore' the Arius map and then ... hey ... I get a message telling me to try using a particular tool to get something good. Just a hint would be exciting. Ah ha...a mystery to unravel. As for hints above NPCs heads, I do not agree. Instead reduce the endless chatter. I love to read, but I know I'm a minority in my love of reading anything and everything. Keep the back story chatter separate from the quest dialogue. The player still has to seek out and interact with every NPC, but after doing this, the quest stuff should be clearly separate from back story stuff. SUMMARY. yes to in game hints that there is a possible secret or quest or something in this object when hovering over it - encourages exploration. NO to indicating that a particular NPC has a quest - we need to talk to all of the NPCs.
  23. Log in rewards

    Perhaps an achievement would be a good reward. xx consecutive days online badge or banner or something. this would overcome the complaints about too much easy gc in the game.
  24. very old players

    the only place I could be considered young still is as an EL player. sigh.
  25. Art programs! :)

    I started playing around with Sketchup about 2 years ago. great for 3D modelling.