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  1. Players u missed

    here goes.... Desie, banshen, citizenkane, pbob, kidz, minion, merrick, janemuffin, heiros, xanter, sandcastle, epervier, dreamboy, bofred, slashfury, wexy, grerien, and ofc crus...(who used to attack me almost daily ) will prob add more....my memory is sucky!
  2. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

  3. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

  4. Read and understand

    i dont know why you posted this.....i think its so embarrassing to you.....gosh go you for posting it
  5. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    oh w/e i still know quimbly is mine!
  6. Who's your Valentine

    omg its like where do i start? ok ...... desie gnny baddy four drey oz dilly deo cara ok i know this is looking a bit lesboish but i really couldnt care a f***) radu (maybe if it get me shop discount ) pinky enius minion omg I am such a freakin slag.....sorry there are too many to list........let me just to this ****** GROPES ******** omg you know i miss slashfury.....i loved him he was my el idol!
  7. GodZ spawn serper

    wow fukken get over yourselves gosh i did this because of this.....and i dont like him so it did this... i mean who gives a shit???
  8. 50k HE Auction

    351k (just helping )
  9. auction

    21k coz I am sexier then liquid ^^
  10. bot owners...

    Miria Jeepers Tina Portia Owner - Zia
  11. Human removal stone

  12. Human removal stone

    340k Zia
  13. Human Removal Stone

    365k zia
  14. My server is having problems

    I think all the people who had bots with labrat have been extremely patient.....I think we need our gc/$ refunded as it doesnt look as tho the server is going to be working anytime soon....its been weeks. I have sent an email...no reply...any suggestions?
  15. Nexus Removal Auction.

    330k Zia
  16. My server is having problems

    Hi labrat.....any news? I know you are busy but just wondering how things are going?
  17. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Congrats you two (and about time!!) Will do my best to be there.....just need to work out times Hugz to you both
  18. Finally 107

    Gratz Raz
  19. New top 3

    Gratz !!! ^^
  20. 470k for greaves Zia
  21. auction artifical removal

    gratz maybe just advertise on market channel next time and dont waste time