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  1. Players u missed

    here goes.... Desie, banshen, citizenkane, pbob, kidz, minion, merrick, janemuffin, heiros, xanter, sandcastle, epervier, dreamboy, bofred, slashfury, wexy, grerien, and ofc crus...(who used to attack me almost daily ) will prob add more....my memory is sucky!
  2. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

  3. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

  4. Read and understand

    i dont know why you posted this.....i think its so embarrassing to you.....gosh go you for posting it
  5. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    oh w/e i still know quimbly is mine!
  6. Who's your Valentine

    omg its like where do i start? ok ...... desie gnny baddy four drey oz dilly deo cara ok i know this is looking a bit lesboish but i really couldnt care a f***) radu (maybe if it get me shop discount ) pinky enius minion omg I am such a freakin slag.....sorry there are too many to list........let me just to this ****** GROPES ******** omg you know i miss slashfury.....i loved him he was my el idol!
  7. GodZ spawn serper

    wow fukken get over yourselves gosh i did this because of this.....and i dont like him so it did this... i mean who gives a shit???
  8. 50k HE Auction

    351k (just helping )
  9. auction

    21k coz I am sexier then liquid ^^
  10. bot owners...

    Miria Jeepers Tina Portia Owner - Zia
  11. Human removal stone