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  1. New Summoning Creatures Elementars

    OMG...cant believe I just read this thread. Let me say I love any new summons. Especially spirits that suck out the souls of noobs and leave a bag for me to grab.
  2. Maltik is a bag jumper

    You said "db" right? That means "death bag". Therefore, do not refer to this as bag jumping.
  3. Summon Level Calculation

    Probably a question for Da Boss Radu but here goes..... When performing attack and defense numbers for summons is the resulting value rounded up or down?? Also, please answer same question for the Summoner Perk calculation. Ebul Summoner, Snosy
  4. New top 3

    YOU DA MAN !!!!! GRATZ !!!!
  5. THANK MORTOS !!!! Finally people are understanding what bag jumping is and isnt. You die....You loose. Snosrap - 3BUL
  6. Looking for a guild

    Interested in being ebul? Within the game rules of course and no scamming.
  7. tank rabbit

    My Tanks work pretty good. I have pwnd a few unexpecting peeps with them. MWAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Baldarin

    HeLLRaiZeR Posted Apr 17 2009, 03:03 PM You die - you lose stuff. Welcome to reality THANK YOU HELLRAIZER...if you die and loose your stuff, dont complain and call it bj or thief or stealing.
  9. Blake (The noobest pr0 or the pr0est nuub?)

    Why must someone have a "reason" to Brod? It is a battle tactic to weaken your opponent by eliminating some armor. Since KF is no drop for awhile, where is the fun. Know that Brods exist and that you take a chance each time you enter a PK area.
  10. Dolamar Bagjumper

    Pssst.....if the incident involved a "death" for any reason, please do not call it nor claim it to be 'bagjumping". Plus, if you are going to eat toads or someting like that, expect to die once in awhile. Have a rosto or dont complain about a death bag not being returned. Snos
  11. Finally 107

    G R A T Z !!!! Dont have it in me to go that far with summons. Afterall, I hate makin stones.
  12. Summoning 100 \o/

    !!! CONGRATZ !!! That is a wonderful achievement. Maybe I will get there in a few years. Ebul Snos Summoner
  13. Summon Perk Clarification

    Sorry if i missed something, but here goes...... Wraith says summon perk gives 10 percent, but forum post from entropy says 10 levels. Which is it cause these two are quite different. Snos
  14. Level dependent summoning

    Let me just as after all the post that radus suggestion is the best thing that ever happened to the summoning skill.....PLEASE DO AS YOU SUGGESTED BOSS. Snos out.
  15. Cant "Real" Summon During Combat

    Yes, I know I posted this in other forum, but I dont think many read that one, so I repeat it here....... I have been leveling summon for 7 months now and have just found out the manu window is not available during combat. You gotta be kidding me !!!!! Yes I know I should have know about that, but never needed to use manu window during combat in the past. New players and such can use a summon stone during combat, but I cant and have to flee to summon and fumble with what to mix. This is defenitley a penalty for a true summoner. Please consider an update to feature what the preceding posts have suggested: a summon mix box or quickslots. Snos out