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  1. Why are gargolyes Offensive? And in WSC?

    Sander awesome idea *I mean they are gargoyles there supposed to be statues during the day*
  2. My suggestion

    It would get kinda annoying becuz in Eternal Lands there are to many things to show and It would block ur view but it still would be helpful
  3. So Mad

    The server just crashed an I lost three hours worth of work not sure if this is a bug but I'm reporting it I had gained an attack lvl about 40k, 5k experience in harvest and so much more
  4. Recruiting

    ya it is weak wut you don't want to get PKed or something
  5. Message

    I've got an idea make a message when you reach the limit when get to the 120 harvest limit
  6. Armour, where can i find some ((is there any))

    yuna yes it's very possible to have armor (I mean look around you almost all non noobs have armor) Go to the Lakeside Village Blacksmith and the White Stone City Blacksmith (Purple dots on White Stone map) one you buy shields from the other normal armor from

    Wooooooooottt!!!!!! I am connected heck ya
  8. I cant conect to server

    I like my ISP connection very much thank you so nope I'm not changing
  9. I cant conect to server

    OOOO ya just to make note of what Ent said earlier I live in Muskegon Michigan (Dalton Township) tell me if you need my exact address or not and man hurry this fixing up (try to get it by like 8'o clock GMT time or 3'o clock my time tomorrow
  10. I cant conect to server

    Ahhhh dangit this game is so fun and now I have to miss it (I mean it not just to make Ent happy) well you heard the man go go go admins fix this problem I WANT TO PLAY NOW!!!!!!!!! (I wish I could help but noooooo I'm only a mod and a quest writer *make that a soon to be quest writer* yep) Dang why can't I help more grrrrrrrrr!!!!
  11. Can you guys read our PMs?

    No you can't see others PM's why do you think it's a PRIVATE message not a PUBLIC to mod's message -_- *duh*
  12. I cant conect to server

    Oops nevermind forgot to log in ok but I still can't get on