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  1. Current CVS errors

    Those variables are exported in sky.h, a new file. Please check that it's there, and that your makefile includes it, and your global.h includes it (the .o and .h, respectively). Unless you've edited either of these files, it should be happening already.
  2. Skybox discussion

    Yes, that's it.Okay, granted, I've been guilty of "The answer to 'a or b' is yes" before, but not really in programing... Which of the above? And do you have any more info?
  3. Skybox discussion

    What sort of stuck? In mouse grab mode, and moving the mouse doesn't have any effect? Moving the mouse makes it jitter (effect, but it jumps back to where it was), etc? That was the idea If this becomes standard, then there are probably a few things in the art dept that will need touching up (able to see under eaves, animations look somewhat robotic at low angles, closer view of mapbugs in the ground, etc) The jiggling would be because the up/down keys allow more movement than the draw_camera part. It shouldn't be hard to fix. And yes, I did give it the same range of freedom as the normal camera... I could allow more freedom, but... high angles (like top-down) tend to not look as good, and low angles can be as hard to move around in as FPV. Low angles without FPV also are laggier, because FPV is designed with better distance culling. Yes, it seems to be around waist height, I'm not certain why yet.
  4. Skybox discussion

    Okay, it is now in CVS! There are some changes that apply outside of the #ifdef's, but they are generally all trivial, and should not present any problems. To enable this, use the SKY_FPV_CURSOR feature. You will also need to extract http://users.on.net/~gingerman/sky_cursor-textures.zip into your datadir/textures folder. alt+f to toggle first-person-view. alt+g or middle-mouse-click to toggle mouse-grab. Note, however, that it's still experimental, and there are known bugs. It shouldn't crash, but it will look odd in places. - the lightning is seen on clouds (at least in -DNEW_WEATHER, where the flash is more noticeable), which isn't really going to be correct. I should be able to adjust this by ignoring the lightning light level when drawing clouds. - follow cam in first person view doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Hopefully I can find the bug, because I had it working previously. - clouds, stars & sun go from north to south. funky. - sky seems to roll when panning camera. Skybox seems unstable. I think it's an OpenGL or 3D maths issue, which means I'll have trouble with it. I've asked a few people about it, hopefully someone will have some spare time in the next few months (as long as it's well tested before the next client update, I'm happy) - the shadow system in EL only works for a certain distance; after that the shadows look funky. The new view here will make players more likely to be looking long distances, so it is becoming more of a problem. - actor animations, when viewed from a low angle (such as horizontal) seem a lot more robotic, no bounce, etc. Note: in FPV, head bobbing will be visible to the player as the screen moves. Also note: the shadows seem to move in FPV as the view changes. - again with being able to see further, you can see when actors disappear. It might work okay if we alpha blend people out at a certain distance, because currently they just pop in/out on actor add/remove from the server.
  5. NMT breakable poll

    This thread is about what people think would happen to the game in the future if NMT capes were breakable. Not if people think it would personally benefit them... And certainly not for comparing the size of your sword/killcounters.
  6. CVS, health bar

    Emajekral's code is one of the things I'm working on. When it's ready to go in, it should fix the banners. The problem is that there are some bugs that will probably require someone with better understanding of OpenGL than myself to fix, so it may wait until I get some help from one of the people I've asked.
  7. NMT breakable poll

    Quite right. We need to avoid the market being saturated with them, or else prices will go really low as people find fewer and fewer people to sell them to.On the other hand, decisions about the future of the game should, IMO, be based on what's good for the game, not individual players.
  8. The Nmt

    As soon as people find that the price is going down because there are so many in game, they should be interested in being able to sell more. Which means existing ones have to leave the game. That means acid rain days, X of destruction, or not being unbreakable. So Given those options for how to lose a cape, I suspect a number of people would prefer a small chance to break rather than anything else (including the capes sitting in storage unsold) except their own being unbreakable and other people's breaking
  9. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    Yes. So the fighters are inclined to go up to higher-level critters. While the people making stuff are inclined to stick to low-mid items, for the most part (because that's what there's ingreds for and best value to mix. Steel/tit plate is worth a lot of XP, but there's no point trying to level with it). At the end of the day... The topX lists tell the story. Some skills produce higher levels (and hence XP which is used to provide PPs) than others. I know, that's how you can remove/consume a lot of resources without injecting too much cash into the economy. Yes. I don't want gc drops reduced unless they're out of proportion to the level of the critter; I want the fighters to have to spend the cash that they get fighting the wildlife on market (things like NMT and drops of almost anything makable are the problem here, and yes, I know without NMT there'd be less people risking expensive stuff, even if the percentage broken and replaced per day would be higher); and I want the leveling that the different skills provide to be about equal (perhaps a slight bias towards those that require more PPs, like the nexus-heavy ones. Things like stats are mostly general use, so most people use them) I know, I've watched the changes and the input from players about various issues that has (or seemed to) been taken into account.
  10. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    Sounds logical, but it's completely pointless.Why do you have to get 20mil? Because you have a high level. Why do you have a high level? Because you get a lot of XP. And to add your comment: Why do you get a lot of XP? So you can get the 20mil. It's circular reasoning. The important point is: Why should the fighters be at a level where they need 20mil, when the top however many in other skills don't? It has nothing to do with the time or money invested, just ask one of the top manu'ers how many hours/gc they've spent making leather helms (or pants) either for trik or in the manu school. Of course, with the economy the way it is, there isn't that much of a payoff, and some people don't grind all the way up... But some people have worked hard to gain many levels in production skills and ended up with a fraction of the XP (and hence OA; if it wasn't for OA then mismatch in XP from different skills wouldn't matter, ranking would equalise the rest) that fighters spending the same amount of time/effort/cash get.
  11. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    Cash is only part of it, though. The mismatch in XP also means the top fighters often have huge EMU (and possibly will) compared to other players.
  12. Sreenshot of the Day

    Ah, so it's a case of search first. Since there was one of those set up by Roja.
  13. Sreenshot of the Day

    Correct. It doesn't say anywhere near enough to know what you're on about. The screenies on the front page? You want people to send you screenies? Yet another of those "post screenies" threads? Really, the rules are there for a reason.
  14. Oscilating effect for cooldown in inventory

    Works for me, I'll put it in, thanks. But if there's any more sign of the fast flashing, I'll do away with the scale-up and just have a number for <1/4 and one for >1/4
  15. Harvestable popup boxes

    It sounds good, but it's not as simple as it could be. In most cases the 3d item (what you see) matches with what you would harvest, but not always. So the client can't do that alone. The client also doesn't have any info about requirements. That means the server needs to send the data; which means if you send the mouse over a bunch of harvestables, it'll be sending a large number of "get harvest info" messages. I think the best option is to have the server/mapmaker people ensure all item types have descriptions (even if it's not the resource name, "red/purple flower" is going to give a decent hint if it matches info in the encyc), so eye-click is always an option... And for people to use #mark ingame to know where to dig stuff

    They used to be rippled... But while IRL shadows may be adjusted slightly by water rising/falling, they aren't affected by the angle of the surface of the water changing (which is what affects reflections), so I asked Xaphier to change it in EL.If we get waves/ripples that actually do have a Z offset, which would allow for ripples when people walk through water, raindrops, etc. (which I'm told would require large changes in how EL works; not a bad thing considering what would be improved, but a large job), then I'd agree with some distortion of the shadows as far as the difference in Z goes; but I think flat shadows on flat water look more correct.
  17. Hybrid Capes

    I don't disagree with those points, but the second example of enhanced FR doesn't really reduce strategy... Given the cost, it will still be quite a decision if people use it or the normal one.
  18. Technically simple, but I don't think it would work as well in the end. We'd get a heap of "bug reports" about mapwalk being "broken", then people would be told why, and would go back to using blank tabmaps of their own (and hence re-enabling mapwalk). ed: Actually, one way to accomplish this is for the server to have the ability to enable/disable pathfinding on the client for certain areas... This would be used for stuff like mazes without messing with the rest of the map. It'd be quite annoying, of course, since mazes tend to get tiresome if you have to go through them many times, but it would take a modded client to get around it.
  19. To the owner of the bot "vakana"

    Well, it took 2 hours of adding and removing debug statements throughout the code... And it turned out that it was the same problem as what I think allowed vakana to get spamscammed earlier... The fact that I trust the server to send reasonable messages. To recap; sometimes when you alter your trade offering and the other person has already accepted (red-yellow. Only when you remove items I think) it can reset the accept for them. However it also seems that adding items to your side will also send a reject from yourself. It won't let you add items if you've already accepted, so I guess this only guarantees that both sides you you haven't accepted yet; but it seems a waste of bandwidth (as well as misleading, since there isn't actually a rejection happening).
  20. To the owner of the bot "vakana"

    Well, I guess there are multiple bugs then. Double-sigh. But the details in the logs have changed now. So Back into the code to try to find what the next issue is >_<
  21. EL dreams?

    Well, I had one that is sorta related; not in-game, but still... I don't really remember anything except what I wrote down when I woke up... Which is in my siggy (yes, that was an EL-related dream). For those who don't view signatures: 'from a dream, really! "Software pirates stole my compile options!"'
  22. Player made tabmaps are quite popular, and the ruling on them has always(apart from a 'week' that laster longer) seemed to be that you could use them as long as you didn't report bugs because of them; so it's not like this would give anyone a new advantage... Heck, I whipped up a quick script to make a copy of blank.bmp as *.bmp for every *.elm I had, and I knew I would never get the "No map"... At least until new maps were added. On one hand, since players then have to use #mark, they may have to explore a bit more than just grabbing the tabmap, but on the other, players may start sharing mapmark files as well *shrug* And another thing that may be relevant, Entropy has told me he wants the minimap to dynamically draw the surrounding area to handle the maps being changed... This means once the minimap is finished all players would have maps of the area anyway, tabmap or not (testing and development of the minimap is part of why I made the script I mentioned above).
  23. New Enterance :)

    That's the sort of thing I think should be available as a tutorial from the title menu (y'know, login, new character, etc). Not to teach them how to play EL, but to show them the basics of moving, talking to NPCs, talking in general (because EL's chat system may not be what they're used to), etc... Finishing off with a pointer to the new char menu and info on how to get help and more information once in the game.Then tut_npc would give info about the game only, not the interface (as that was already covered) and the players at beam can answer questions about the game.
  24. To the owner of the bot "vakana"

    Well, now I feel stupid See, she checks what items are when the trade partner clicks accept. But she doesn't add coins until after that. So she doesn't look to see what she just put in, and hence, she's still waiting to find out what it is... Sigh. Sorry about all this. Hopefully it's all fixed now (if not, a workaround would be to accept, cancel your accept, and accept again, she'll see her own offerings that way)
  25. To the owner of the bot "vakana"

    That's right, she did until recently... I'd rather she still did, since it's faster and more obvious, but I need to take the slower option to prevent the spamscam and all Okay, that means that, for some reason or another, she didn't figure out that the cash had been added to the window. Hopefully I'll find out why if this happens again (since I haven't really fixed it, just added more messages, it seems unfortunately likely). Yay