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  1. Inguild ranks

    Since we can't see the ranks of players in the game it's quite hard to remember everyone's exact rank. Maybe some handy coder can add the rank of the player after the name in the #list_guild command. I guess it's not much work to do that (or maybe only ent can do this because it is server sided I guess) but it would be nice option for GM to remember who got a special rank or not
  2. chat bug in console

    Ofcourse, bad written code is a pain.
  3. chat bug in console

    A circular buffer might be "more complex", but the way you implemented it is rather slow and not recommended at all. Although, I appreciate your work ofcourse
  4. Tank Builds

    Entering an instance with help of enters and training there is clearly abusing the system. Well, they weren't created for training. But if the system allows it, why should it be considered abuse?
  5. Tank Builds

    I don't agree about abusing the game. If the game mechanisms allow certain builds to take advantage, you hardly can't say they abuse the system. You can say they weren't designed the way they are used, but that's just nonsense. You designed a system which you will never be able to come up with every possible way you can play the game. And it's not because you can't think of certain gameplay styles, they are an abuse when somebody else discovers them. Although I can see some people consider this unfair, it isn't. Everyone is free to build their character this way. And as THE game designer, you can add some new code to prevent those builds.
  6. Flex chat client

    Hi guys, I've been busy lately with building a nice little framework which I can use to make a nice chat client for EL. Since this one is made in flex I can also build clients for android, ios and a webclient. Normally it should also run on mac os and unix. You can get an install file to install on your local computer over here: http://el-chat.embril.net/Client.air You need to have the adobe air runtime installed, which can be found here: http://get.adobe.com/air/ I've tried to build a web app, but there are some security issues I need to get fixed. Sad enough only radu can help me with this because the socket server actually needs to send some security settings. After he's back from vacation I will pm with him about this. Current features: - Login on main server - Server messages - #GM and #IG - local chat - channel chat - pm - the // feature for pm'ing the last person (same as in EL client) - Buddy list - people/creatures around you + health + colored guild tag - clickable URLs in the chat window The next several days I have plenty of time and following features will be added: - afk message - tabbed chat(tab per channel/pm) - trading - mixing (which I had allowance for, but I will first check out the details with radu) If you want to have any other features, please tell me. If you find bugs, also tell me Also feel free to post your experiences with the chat client. PS: I had earlier pms with Radu, and he allowed this client already.
  7. Flex chat client

    It depends. Lately I haven't had much time on my hands. But currently at work i'm also doing some flex work and we are also looking into molehill (Stage 3D called nowadays). If you can get a bigger team together I might put some effort into it.
  8. Artwork Updates

    Wow, it looks even better than the artwork. Great job
  9. Fix PM mechanism

    Or just something like: /PlayerName does autocompletion !PlayerName does no autocompletion This way there is only 1 new server command needed and players can still use what they like.
  10. Since it is a gc sink, we should be happy when there are more people using it. So I would also vote for more arenas.
  11. Flex chat client

    And another small update: URLs are clickable now.
  12. Flex chat client

    I've uploaded a new version which can be installed over the old version. New functionality: Show creatures and players around you. Known issue: Also shows health of npc's which look odd.
  13. Bigger Channel Limit

    The server still needs to send you updates about who logged in/out, so a local buddy list file would be worthless.
  14. Flex chat client

    I couldn't test this because my friends list is too small. But will look into it. I have already been looking into this. Will come soon. I'm not sure what you are trying to explain, if you can give me some more details I can look into it. But it might be an adobe air problem which I can't change.
  15. Flex chat client

    I've uploaded a new version of the client which adds buddy list support. I've also changed the app properties, like the name. Windows user can deinstall the old one which was named 'Main'.
  16. Flex chat client

    I will add such a message at the login screen. I think the AFK chatters would like the ability to harvest. The basic case would be to harvest and drop (just for exp). More advanced would be to harvest, go to storage, store, and return. I would assume if it may support mixing, then that would include dealing with storage. That would leave movement and map changes needed to store harvested stuff. And a version that would run in a browser would be fantastic as there are several applications for such a thing (not a standalone program). Specifically I could play a sub-set of EL from my ChromeOS laptop (which doesn't support installing programs). Walking and harvesting requires map information on the client. If I ever add this feature it won't be soon. And atm there is a webclient, but it only works when running from your own computer. That is downloading all the needed files and just run it in your browser. But if the security issues can get resolved there will be a webclient available. Will be added soon This is standard behaviour of the text area component, will look at it and try to come with a solution.
  17. Flex chat client

    No, afaik there is no such flag to send? Your character will always just stand there like all others.
  18. Elch - Eternal Lands Chat-only client

    For strings no, for arrays yes. But in C# you rarely work with arrays, there are much better containers around.
  19. Book of Book writing

    There's also an error in the name: writting with double t.
  20. I was thinking of the following: We should be able to decompose items. Decomposing an item would return all raw materials. It should use the same food as mixing items and give the same exp. This way people could mix and decompose items to gain experience. Pros: - Less flooding of items on the market - If decomposing has a bigger fail rate it could also get money and raw materials out of the economy - Market prices on items would become more stable Cons: - Can't think of any This new feature wouldn't even require too much programming work server-side.
  21. Decompose items

    If you have a good chance loosing ingreds when decomposing you would probably not care to lose ingreds and rather sell the shield to mix a new one with the earned gc.
  22. Decompose items

    Well, maybe it can be limited to low level items only.
  23. mixable exp books

    If you sell too pricy nobody will care to buy those books since it will be cheaper to mix some stuff.
  24. Golden chainmail.

    A chopper chainmail would look like this? http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSc7E2O8QLhV4Rs5UsD4au2f12Z6l7JNIWx9Siwa6fwM2lEOoHu&t=1
  25. fast way mixing

    There was a time FE required no food to mix and you could mix them without the need to wait on the "mixing" message. Those were the times. Mixing 20k FEs got slower actually. Back then you had to click 20k times though to mix them True, but it was still faster than now. Since this was changed prices of FE got up more and more because people hated to mix them (like me).