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  1. Making maps more used..

    I tinhk you're lookign at this from a narrow perspective. for one: Recipes, XP, prices etc would have to be re-evaluated to suit the new degree of diffuclty of obtaining the resources. Two: Crap about time zones is an grosse exageration, the wait on resources would have to be 6 horus or more for this to be true. and thirdly: Players dont explore because they dont have to, like all life they fall into the most convenient path that lay before them. People dont come on here 'not to explore', what a proposterous idea. They come to play the game 'Eternal Lands', and if this change means a stronger economy, then im pretty sure most players would support it. REMEMBERING that changes would have to be made to xp, monies and manufacturing recipes.
  2. Making maps more used..

    Of course from here where does one go? Limited resources fixes two problems really: It would mean that people would have to spread to different sites once a site is depleted to obtain their resources, spreading traffic. It also means that there is NOT an unlimited source of potential GC (if somone would like to expand on this that would be great! but basically in theory this would help build a stronger economy?of course NPC prices, market prices etc would need to be re-evaluated[on a second note, fluxuating NPC prices could help with this issue too.]), Shop Prices: Fluid NPC Shop Prices (selling&buying) would actually have a similar effect to limited resources in the fact that the more of an item an NPC has the less GC the NPC will buy them for. So therefore it would pay to go to a low traffic area to sell one's goods. In terms of buying items, not many people purchase from NPCs because for one, they do not have what they need OR, two what they have is purchasable in the player market for a fraction of a the cost. So how do we fix this? NPC prices that adjust according to the player market prices. (Of course, fluxuating NPC prices that are relevant to the market prices would take some logistical genius, bots, monitoring, percentages, averages. But im pretty sure it can be done.) Limited shop resources should be in place, the lower the stock, the higher the price.(another way of shifting traffic elsewhere) Some NPCs could sell specific items cheaper than the norm, most importantly, resource/base materials. This should lure people to particular areas, prices in for specific resources from particular NPCs could be cheaper by about %5-10 of the average market price. Discuss. Sorry if some of this doesnt make sense, I will make amendments soon.
  3. Making maps more used..

    Alot of people are saying that shops that buy specific items for a specificly high price would solve traffic problems, on the other hand, perhaps you could have specific shops in specific locations that sell items at a specifclly low price? I think traffic problems arent fixable with a quick solution, something needs to be done about the way the game works in term of economy structure (and how resources are obtained: 1st hand, 2nd hand, NPC). Perhaps readressing the idea of limited resources and starting from there?
  4. I need a Swedish Translator...

    Specifically saying? I just need the paragraph 'Meditations' translated really...If it were possible??
  5. I need a Swedish Translator...

    Hey I need somone who speaks swedish ( I think its swedish....) to translate this webpage for me...I can reward with in game gold in about a weeks time...It would only be about 2k gold...But its a favour right? Thanks Penn Gareth Mconnell
  6. capes/cloaks should give cold protection

    well duh.... and the capes would still prevent against wind chill
  7. Post your T-shirt ideas!

    trucker hat with the logo on the front. mouse pad with some sort of in game scene on it. keychain for each of the raCES
  8. recolourisation of screen?

    a quick note, if this were used for normal in game vision during nighttime and low light situations, colours operate in the bluer frequencies, and quite often when very low light, vision is colourless (greyscale).
  9. Harvesting

    I dont think thats the kind of 'bonus' or advantage he was getting at. As i see it, what he is proposing is some kind of advantage with every harvestable the more skilled you become (as apposed to just the ability to harvest something that requires a higher level) . Just like how Spell Effects are tiered depending on your Magic level, so should every other 'product' of a skill.
  10. I think he was refering to Flee Training: When a player makes constant flee attempts to prolongue the fight and squeeze every drop of defense EXP from a fight.
  11. A way to improve Joker

    why wouldnt it ais? Its just luck of the draw. Sometimes you get good stuff, sometimes you dont. Sometimes you dont get anything 'cause your emu is full...
  12. Good Luck or Bad Luck?

    some people will pay for that. Enough new bees just put PP on nexuses without thinking!
  13. A critic to the today's EL server update

    well, i guess you you have to take into account people ar going out of their way to harvest in an attempt to get one of the shiny new stones? Once they become old news intensity of harvesting will go down and with it, the stone per day rate. I assume....
  14. firefox extension for EL

  15. An idea about CHARM attribute.

    I was thinking about that problem: It could be linked to a New low level Spell (low level due to the nature of the spell) I cant think of a name rigth now, but it would basically do what i described in my earlier post. Instead of Magic Level affecting its healing power, charm would dictate the heal rate. The spell could last quite a while, 10 minutes? "Its a low level spell! People will jsut create new accounts and camp out at spawns and mines with millions of characters!" Well, no, that wouldnt do any good because the healing bonus isnt cumulative, and would have such a low bonus for low Charm, only getting useful when chrm reaches a respectable level. I think teh charm attribute could be an interesting way to develop the magic skill. I think there were some discussions on how the magic skill should be developed in the suggestions forum bringing up the idea that some sort of new attribute could effect its power; meaning of couse we could have true mages!