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  1. Why do ants kill snakes?

    I think the point of creating artificial intelligence is not to hard-code in them what is useful and what is not, but let them learn it by themselves by trying everything and seeing what happens. They kill pretty much everything they see (at least until they have died to it a dozen times and realize it's bad for them). Killing snakes also gives them a/d exp, so it's not a bad idea for them to do that.
  2. Because all the other perks that give you pickpoints already have such a huge risk involved
  3. For a new ranging arena to be added, a mapmaker would need to make it first, then we'd need a client update to get it ingame. Since we just had a client update, it might be a while. A more temporary solution would be to just turn the other target in the GP arena into a "small target" with smaller size and greatly increased Reaction (assuming they're still considered creatures and use the normal attribute system) so it would be much harder to hit, still providing a challence for the high level rangers.
  4. SunriseCoder's Tank Building Guide

    I also want to see what you will train on at 48/6 p/c and 7/7 a/d. Anything you can get def exp from at 7 def, you'll kill in one hit, resulting in very slow leveling. You should really just focus on training a/d first and later worry about carry capacity and money making. Low level training is not expensive, you'd do fine with augs and a shield, using heal spell and drinking mana potions. EDIT: Many cross-attributes are believed to work best in multiples of 2, 3 or 4. The clearest example here would be Rationality, which is divided by 2, 3 and 4 to get the experience bonus for mixing, combat and ranging, respectively. So in the case of Rationality, you would not increase all the exp bonuses at the same time unless you increase it by 12 at once. The exact effects of other cross-attributes aren't so clear, but they might also work best in similar multiples. EDIT 2: As for getting mostly defense exp and very little attack exp, you could just optimize your gear for high defense bonuses and attack penalties. For example battle hammers have a lot of accuracy and critical penalties, but also defense penalties, so you need a good shield and some instinct along with them. The key here is to try different combinations for a while and look in the session counters to see how much your att:def exp ratio was. And on higher levels, training multiple monsters at once helps a lot.
  5. Hellspawn perk

    Yes, I knew this already; having worked on the Bethel .def files, the ladders indeed required the map ID to be specified too, which would hint that the server treats them no different than actual map changes. But the perk description does not say this, only entering a new map and entering/exiting a building is mentioned. A better description would be something like: "Every time you use a map object to go somewhere (even within the same map), you have a 20% chance to go to underworld instead." EDIT: And of course I can't imagine it being too hard to 'fix' the perk either, by adding a check if the new mapID is the same as your mapID before using the ladder.
  6. Hellspawn perk

    I'm not talking about, say, going from Votd outside map (map5nf.elm) to inside a house, in the inside map (map5nf_insides.elm); that clearly is a change to a different map. What I'm talking about is, for example, the ladders in Bethel, climbing up or down the ladder but staying on the same map (cont2map2.elm) still triggers Hellspawn.
  7. Hellspawn perk

    The hellspawn perk does not do what its description (at the Wraith) says it does. Wraith's description: In reality, hellspawn also triggers when you use or use with a ladder/door/any other item that takes you somewhere else on the same map, which the description does not tell you. Examples of such places: ladders in Bethel and at White Stone summoning arena, Melinis city gates, many doors/cave entrances in inside places and caves. Either some code needs to be added to check if you're not actually changing maps, or the description needs to be changed to reflect how the perk really works.
  8. You are attacking -1 Busy status: 0

    Sounds like he tried to type #gm hi guild (or similar), but typed #gme by accident, triggering a debug command with the response you posted (simply indicating that he's not fighting anyone or anything) Not related in any way, but the server sends this message when you log in with nothing equipped or in your inventory to fix this bug.
  9. Safe area in kf

    sorry but I fail to see why the railing is required, so spectators can't shoot the forest chimmies to death or something? A spectator area does sound like a good idea to me. A perfect location for it would be the north part of the fort right south of VotD flag, because that's around where most of the fights occur anyway, and it would be close enough to VotD for a door/ladder to make sense. Of course there'd be no way to prevent someone from escaping by teleing to the platform, but that's really no different than casting tele to range then double clicking the VotD flag to escape.
  10. Client patch for Windows and Linux data (V2)

    There are plugins for other graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP as well as standalone software with a GUI or as command line tools (nice for e.g. converting a whole custom map pack at once, once you figure out how to use them).
  11. Yes, this is exactly the time frame that an invisibility potion lasts (at least according to my observation). Always at least 30 seconds, sometimes up to almost 40. But never longer. The same goes for the invisibility spell.
  12. Sellinf few randoms

    49kgc total
  13. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    Picture 5 You are in an inside area. - Palon Vertas [701,243] 3 Red Roses, 4 White Asiatic Lillies, 3 Tulips, 2 Blue Lupines
  14. Ingame Video Settings

    I can't say if it's intentional or a bug with my drivers, but enabling the Adv Video>Use Animation Program makes all actors invisible until the client is restarted. After that it works fine though.
  15. magic in to range

    No, I have not tried telekinesis, have you? So what you're suggesting is that spells can be cast further away than the maximum range but they lose strength. Why make it so complicated, with all the buttons and settings you need to play with? In a PK situation there is really no time to be pressing any extra buttons to change your spell cast distance or whatever. If something like this was implemented (the ability to cast spells far away with a decrease in strength), there could maybe be a visual indication that the target is so far away that the spell will not have the full effect, but no unnecessary options or settings.