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  1. Peace Day Poll

    What about the ability for players to remove the day for themselves only. It would require a new item, similar to a Haidir Pass (purchased through radu to help offset the coding that would need to be done). Once used, a individual player could attack creatures, monsters, and other players who ALSO had removed the day. To prevent players from bag jumping during an invasion on peace #day, perhaps peace day would also prevent you from picking up bag contents. I know this may affect some mixers who pull components into a bag to mix from. But perhaps it would only preventing you from collecting bag components when you are not the owner of the bag.
  2. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    I thought Creature Food was non-droppable. And Pickaxe of Magic isn't droppable? That seems an odd choice to be non-droppable... especially given that normal pickaxe IS droppable. Can you verify your list?
  3. remote heal in special Peace Day

    As I recall, the game counts it as an "attack" on another player.
  4. Bot payments

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  6. Expiring bots

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  11. There's a LOT of quests. That would a messy NPC menu to go through
  12. Previews are all great but there is no link for Sedicolis preview showing up. Fixed - sorry about that
  13. Mother nature hates me

    My guess is that most people get the achievement regardless if we have the perk or not. Those having the perk probably aren't paying enough attention to damage to know if it was that perk that sped them along to the achievement.
  14. "New" location bug

    A bit hard to help when you are that vague... but could you mean that F1 gives you no image? Quite possibly because the area you're in is newly created and thus for those people who create F1 maps, none have as of yet been created?
  15. very old players

    I think I can safely say that you weren't playing EL in the late 80s or early 90s. Game wasn't around then. Try adding a decade
  16. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Bot renewal: Crabs Transaction ID: 5J8060655T913453U
  17. It would also let people complete tutorial quests where they couldn't before because they were unwilling to take on the extra nexus for some of the high level items. Let's face it... if you had MOST of the nexus needed, you could level to L100 in most skills reasonably. But as you are aware, as you level, those pick points are harder and harder to come by, so grabbing an extra nexus or two just so you can make a few items at the top of a skill list... items that may or may not come up regularly maybe be considered wasteful by some people. This suggestion all of a sudden gives them the ability to complete the tutorial or have a day every once in a while to load up on those rarely needed items. I'm guessing that may not be desired by Entropy (just guessing - I don't know his mind). But I believe having some challenges that can't be negated by a special day is what separates those that are serious about a skill from those who aren't. If all you wanted to do was toy with the idea of manu for a while (as an example)... you could also reset. A bit more extreme... but an option I have seen some people do in the past.
  18. The down side is abuse: multi guild spam. I know that you can #ig_block, but there's not always a guild leader on to do that. If something like this were implemented, I would at least suggest the number of guilds be limited (i.e. 2 or 3 max) The other option would be a random channel to have everyone join.
  19. Calif IP banned...needs to be fixed

    Ah, there's a way to endear yourself. Even if crap has happened and if your IP was erroneously banned... well... drop the attitude. And please remember that Aislinn and Radu don't watch the forums 24/7. A little patience can go a LONG way
  20. Ancient TItle

    As I recall, the game doesn't note when we started playing, so there would be no way to know if someone has been playing 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years.
  21. Harvest level and events

    Exactly. Sort of a trade off. Fast harvestables (roses) make it easy to load up your storage faster... but in a given time (let's say an hour), you have to make more runs to storage and have a lot more events. Slower harvestables are a bit more peaceful, but take much longer to load up storage (as I'm sure anyone making creature food or RVMs know)
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to place a new order for another 50k Blue Quartz please
  23. Harvest level and events

    How many roses do you harvest per minute? How long does it take you to harvest the same amount of Mullein (etc)? Now, how many events per qty?
  24. Ctrl+K (brings up the list of books, highlighting those that you have read). Does Potion of Action Points show up in there? or the others you listed? I'm assuming not. It will take a client update for those to show up. And it's my guess that #know works the same way.
  25. Making gold undropable

    How would this differ from just raising the level of what is considered a newbie? Perhaps level 40 they don't lose things when they die. After that you can go into instances so you better know the basics. Then you don't have to make changes to specific gear