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  1. 1. What do u fear?

    Snowy Shaw

    2. What would u take with u to desolate island?


    3. What do u want for wedding present?

    Venera 11

    4. What do u adore?

    Harald T. Nesvik

    5. Your secret fetish?


    6. What u dream at next night?


    7. what would u buy if u had enough money?

    Nissan RD engine (rather buy a car instead of just the engine lol)

    8. For what topic would u write a book?


    9.What do u collect?


    10. What's your best memory?

    Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

    11. The most useless thing u know?

    1979 hurricane season

    12. What topic do u talk most preferably?

    Kjellfred Weum

    13. With what topic u will work in your coming career?


    14. What gets u laught always?


    15. And what gets u cry?

    Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    16. What was first thing u saw when u woke up?


    17. What do u have in pocket?

    List of London streets and roads

    18. What could replace u without anyone notices?


    19. What was your first word?


    20. With what will u be buried?

    Chirac (disambiguation)

    21. What do u have in night stands case?

    Villanova Preparatory School

    22. What do u love most in the world?

    Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley

    23. What do u see in window atm?

    Sydney Girls High School

    (lol that's just wrong xD)

    24. For what subject would u do a song to Eurovision song contest? (European song contest \o/)


    25. What u really are?

    Persia (EP)


    half of them dont make sence

  2. speaking of multiple accounts and WoW... http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/08/extrava...cs-seven-monit/


    i guess those chairs have built in toilets and there's a mini fridge around the corner...


    Thats just insane... and pointless... £470 monthly? (no ideas what the monthly cost is in $)

    in 2 years you spent, might as well buy a new car or something nice...


    like a new mobile phone


    (some of the comments on that site are quite funny)

  3. Hurrah to Learner for bringing breakfast into perspective!


    By the way, what has become of Tania........ :confused:







    who wants to find a gnomes in Isla Prima tavern or at Lakeside dock :P