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  1. Determining Safe Areas

    schools which arent in city also going to be PKable? imo they should, it'll make it intresting as well
  2. Halo 3

    watching an advert i thought most people would be very disappointed. reading the news loadsa people were as they found their brand new limited edtion cd scratched lol
  3. The Golden Ratio

    i was told something like this in Maths but it's called the golden rectangle
  4. Guess the movie

    Appurushîdo/appleseed? there are 51 animes in 2004 according to imdb lol
  5. Bagjumbed by tomorrow

    yea... for the guild FURY, doing all the mean stuff is their 'game' good thing roja has a pirate costume, maybe they're going to buy a whole set load. nearly everyone knows to look out for them they're always on outlaw
  6. Online

    and you wonder why people like dating over the net never heard the song but i'll like to hear the tune lol
  7. If EL were RL.....

    most people would be up for at least 2-4 days running and sleeping for 2 newborns are taller than dwarves if thier not gnome/dwarf most of us will be obese but we'll never tell we'll prop stink from the lack of bath
  8. Better Not Be Contagious!

    that's the 2nd report i've seen... 1 was Korean other there it isnt contagious if you know your limits...
  9. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

    looks like a good game, PC/Xbox360 only? i'm not planning to download the demo but i might buy it if reviews elsewhere are good to be honest i'm surprised there's no Halo3 on here xD
  10. Deers

    what do you mean by stuck screenshot maybe? did you leave the deer there for a min or so, try attack it?
  11. Rounder's Competetion !

    It'll be 7pm around London time with daylight savings
  12. Targeting Computer

    imagine the red dragon following you where ever you went in it's lair cus you forgot which way's out... your a newbie and without a mm your lost in a cave and a orc is following you ... wasnt this suggested a few times before?
  13. Guess the movie

    just like heaven... good film looks nothing like it lol when i look at the picture i think austin powers some reason
  14. Auction Arti Cape

    at usual auctions if no one bids at starting price it goes lower and lower till someone starts bidding... so yea x_x'

    it was fun but annoying cus it happened to me so frequently on rs... lol... there one one of these beast for area... ore = rock beast fishing = troll, fish beast wood cutting, mother nature o.o'
  16. Wikipedia thing :)

    1. What do u fear? Snowy Shaw 2. What would u take with u to desolate island? CONAIE 3. What do u want for wedding present? Venera 11 4. What do u adore? Harald T. Nesvik 5. Your secret fetish? Pictou—Antigonish—Guysborough 6. What u dream at next night? Mutharam 7. what would u buy if u had enough money? Nissan RD engine (rather buy a car instead of just the engine lol) 8. For what topic would u write a book? Apochromat 9.What do u collect? Petrer 10. What's your best memory? Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs 11. The most useless thing u know? 1979 hurricane season 12. What topic do u talk most preferably? Kjellfred Weum 13. With what topic u will work in your coming career? Glo 14. What gets u laught always? Slingshot 15. And what gets u cry? Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 16. What was first thing u saw when u woke up? Eletrobrás 17. What do u have in pocket? List of London streets and roads 18. What could replace u without anyone notices? Heptageniidae 19. What was your first word? Chondogyo 20. With what will u be buried? Chirac (disambiguation) 21. What do u have in night stands case? Villanova Preparatory School 22. What do u love most in the world? Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley 23. What do u see in window atm? Sydney Girls High School (lol that's just wrong xD) 24. For what subject would u do a song to Eurovision song contest? (European song contest \o/) Neochloris_oleoabundans 25. What u really are? Persia (EP) half of them dont make sence
  17. Mortos Challenge

    dont we already have the map ingame.. or was that taken out?
  18. How fast r y00?

    tried london cus that's first closest imo then tried the recommended server labrat.. your download speed is insane o.o'
  19. WoW

    *looks* i guess those chairs have built in toilets and there's a mini fridge around the corner... Thats just insane... and pointless... £470 monthly? (no ideas what the monthly cost is in $) in 2 years you spent, might as well buy a new car or something nice... like a new mobile phone (some of the comments on that site are quite funny)
  20. Tower Defense

    i think my favioute def game was with the stick men where you fling them into the sky with your mouse. achy risk xD or even bow master on vector something
  21. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    I dont quite understand this. from what got... the top = bonus Actual = what % bonus are higher = better = make rare, acc, att, def, to hit, lower = better = Degrade, harvest event Dont get = To damage, Failure, Magic bit offtopic Which number = moon sign? http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/moonsigns.php
  22. PK fight declaration thread

    lol... *doesnt sign* i rarely enter pk maps but i dont really mind who pks me cus i usual wont have much on... eh what the heck cho_yun
  23. 1.4.0 Map Bugs

    walkable tree portland 200, 255 [FIXED]
  24. Gnomes

    *burps* nooooo! who wants to find a gnomes in Isla Prima tavern or at Lakeside dock
  25. blast from the past!

    i've been looking for that place...