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  1. one ? plz answer

    YOU HAVE TO SEND THE WHOLE MAP!!!!!!!! someone said i had to send it bit by bit
  2. one ? plz answer

    so when u send in ur map (i think exculding all the inside part) he'll aprove then u send the inside then he'll aprove again then u add the monsters NPC's and harvest (note:i haven't sent a map before)
  3. new things for maps

    i think the map editor could use some new objects like sewer drain, catapoult etc.
  4. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    can i join since i've got a lvl 29 skill
  5. Selling guild maps

    Y can't we have animals to kill and lvl and a storge for a guild only. I seen most guilds take a meeting in the meeting room in WSC Money idea:U can sent per-paid card instead