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  1. Move Lottery NPC

    Have like more NPC in less remote areas including C2 maybe? the point of the lotto guy there was so the village will fill up slowly I thought...
  2. Heavy Gold Perk

    doesnt it cost 1200 to get plat coins and you get 800 in return? That's alot of trips to get a large amount but no one has 1200 emu
  3. Sky Effects for Guild Maps

    It will be hard to define the difference of what's 'Inside' and 'Outside' I believe that's the reason Guild maps don't have them Correct me if i'm wrong... And hasnt this been said before?
  4. Wondering about this

    a new skill - skinning?
  5. ban?

    Asgnny is asking for you to figure out why you've been banned yourself Think of rule-breaking...
  6. firefox extension for EL

    anyone made a firefox el skin? lol or did i miss that in the post somewhere
  7. a/d school

    When i think take 3/4 of thier exp I think of de-levels.... Mainly cus it will be hard to take 3/4 of exp to the next level right?
  8. New Screenshots needed

    4. Only post shots using the official data. unless the colour has completely faded in the picture for me... doesnt look like the official client
  9. Gods of Eternal Lands

    Just a thought on the ranging... Since Ranging is usually inline with elves maybe it can also be with Aluwen however you cannot have Def or Att if you choose the ranging even tho there'll be a Dark elf for it but still xD
  10. Elven bow.

    That would be health leech or a vampire weap
  11. pk maps and rostos explained

    :P That was a good funny read
  12. Eternal Board Game

    And if i was there i could have watched lol nevermind
  13. waych out for 13amf!

    Easiest way, find out the name check if that person is in the highscores of the game usually 99 Att, Def, Hp, Arch, Magic I believe the highest level you can get to know is 131 due to some new skills lol not sure
  14. Eternal Board Game

    Congratulations to the winners If only i was there...
  15. Guess the movie

    It is Your turn again
  16. My account was stolen :(

    what is this The abuse section? I think he states 'I know i'm stupid, it's my fault' and just saying beware
  17. Possible New Perk?

    well maybe an even more neg effect, even in a reset, you will have the perk and start with -6 pickpoint You'll lose food alot quicker as well already
  18. Poisoned Arrows

    I believe other weapons for poison appliance has been suggested We dont even have a dagger ingame yet...
  19. I believe Labby created a external site for auctions already... Not sure what it was though
  20. Guess the movie

    according to imdb No such film
  21. Guess the movie

    I noticed you actually had what the film was in your url BAD I watched the film at school xD easy one?
  22. Guess the movie

    Breakfest Club
  23. The Big Bag Race!

    Wow, A massive thanks to Theladin and all who donated prizes. Dont see how it will work Good luck
  24. Robin Hood and Marian

    Sounds intresting A bit too short noticed imo But You never know! Also the event 'The Big Bag Race' is scheduled on Sunday
  25. A mystery

    Can i be put down for one of the lucky 10? Edit: Darn it, cant make it to both dates now