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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Sorry I forgot to post! Yusha - 20k White Asiatic Lilies (10k) [bATCH 1] - CoduX Is delivered!
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Claimed - CoduX Ready for delivery
  3. It would be nice if the unicorn could be infused into a future quest. Would make people search around whitestone a bit more, since it roams around providing a challenge to find.
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered: None Finished: None Started: CanCowGirl - 10k Silver Ore (25k) [bATCH 2] Still to Harvest: Raistlin - 10k Red Toadstools (22.5k) Claimed: CanCowGirl - 10k Silver Ore (25k) [bATCH 2] Raistlin - 10k Red Toadstools (22.5k) Still to Deliver: None \\//
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Thanks for the welcome Dib, I'm sure that I'll be quite at home here haha thanks Zombie, already started Thanks LB, can't wait to catch up ingame
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ***Posting on behalf of Leogo*** 5K Silver Ore
  7. Awesome maps. I'm using them right now
  8. Antlers

    Antlers should be able to stack..if bones, meat and certain furs can stack..why not antlers? Frankly its just annoying..
  9. Antlers

    Just looking for people's opinions Guess since I am not a potioneer, I did not take into account for TS pots easy income. Thanks for the reviews so far.
  10. Small sto sale

    helm - 60K SR (only 500) - 15ea Total = 67.5K
  11. Small sto sale

  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered: • None Finished: • None Started: • Liagua - 20k Red Roses / Red Snapdragons (25k) [bATCH 2/5] Still to Harvest: • None Claimed: • Liagua - 20k Red Roses / Red Snapdragons (25k) [bATCH 2/5] Still to Deliver: • None
  13. Storage Sale

    Food: 139 Vegetables 196 Fruit 22 Wine 81 Toadstool Ores: 81 Honeycomb Tools: 24 Needle 2 Mortar & Pestle Weapons: 4 Wooden Staff 1565 Wood Branches 5 Wooden Battle Hammer 2 Iron Battle Hammer Armor: 3 Enhanced Wooden Shield 14 Steel Shield 5 Leather Pants 1 Titanium Chain Mail 1 White Boots 1 Iron Helm 19 Augmented Leather Pants 26 Leather Helm Magic: 4 Ring of Glacmor 1 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 1 Stars Medallion Essences: 344 Magic Essence 2 Spirit Essence 181 Life Essence Potions: 1 Potion of Extra Mana 1 Potion of Greater Healing 1 Potion of Coordination 1 Potion of Will Animal: 1 White Tiger Fur 4 Leopard Fur 58 Red Snake Skin 221 Green Snake Skin 56 Brown Snake Skin 44 Falcon Feathers 174 Fox Fur 82 Hawk Feather 1 Polar Bear Fur 20 Feran Horn 2 Bear Fur 88 Wolf Fur 141 Deer Antler 466 Meat 154 Rat Tail 153 Beaver Fur 5 White Rabbit Fur 106 Brown Rabbit Fur 174 Deer Fur 115 Skunk Fur 1 Snow Leopard Fur 155 Racoon Fur 15 Puma Fur Clothes: 3 Racoon Hat 1 Black Scarf 2 Skunk Hat 17 Fur Cloak 83 Warm Fur Gloves 3 Fox Scarves 1 Fur Hat 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 The Artificer Cape Misc: 1 P2P Shop Coupon 1 Yew 209 Bones Powder 23 Empty Vial 1 Skeleton Key 39 Thread 2 High Explosive Mine 63 Ashes Jewelry: 3 Polished Sapphire 1 Polished Ruby Books: 1 Book of Evasion 1 Book of Isla Prima Ring Building 1 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Desert Pines Ring Building 1 Book of Magic Potion 1 Book of Manufacturing Potion 1 Book of Invisibility 1 Book of Accuracy 1 Book of True Sight 1 Book of Physique Potion 1 Book of Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire Please leave a comment here if interested w/ price offer or catch me ingame Ingame: CoduX
  14. Storage Sale

    Already sold off to Kapbepucm sorry.. So 56165 - 1050 = 55115 for the new total
  15. Storage Sale

    Sold a lot of stuff and updated
  16. Jabbawaki

    Welcome to Jabbawaki A small time business dedicated to harvesting your needs. Feel free to make an order """"""CLOSED DOWN"""""
  17. Jabbawaki

    Last order finished. Officially closed.
  18. when did crafting recipes change?

    did the summoning recipes change as well with the last update?
  19. Jabbawaki

  20. Jabbawaki

  21. Selling a few stuff

    Please make an offer here unless stated otherwise or catch me ingame (CoduX) Black Scarf - offer Brown Tricorn hat - offer Black Tunic Black Shirt - 10K or offer Blue Robe - 4K (or 7K for both pieces) Blue Robe Skirt - 3.5K (or 7K for both pieces) 5 Wooden Battle Hammer - offer 3 Iron Battle Hammer - offer Steel Axe - offer
  22. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    This is major Tom to ground control..I'm stepping through the door.
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered: • Jeff - 10k Daffodils (10k) [bATCH 5] Finished: • Jeff - 10k Daffodils (10k) [bATCH 5] Started: • None Still to Harvest: • None Claimed: • None Still to Deliver: • None