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  1. Just some ideas...


    Magic spells to reinforce/improve the fighting experience at all...usefull in invasions, invances and instances, resulting in some

    team job, and new tatics for players as collateral effect.

    *Sigils should be sold in magic shop as usual;

    *Essies to be choosen;

    *Could stack with potions aswell.


    -> Berserker rage

    Temporally increase your reasoning/attack by 5 pps;

    Requires sometime cooldown delay and/or action points.


    -> Panzer protection

    Temporally increase your instinct/defense by 5 pps;

    Requires sometime cooldown delay and/or action points.


    -> Merlin power

    Temporally increase your will/magic by 5 pps;

    Less cooldown and/or less action points to be casted.

  2. Hello friends, as far i'm potioner i would like to know if theres any (other) alternative recipe

    for potions of great healing, since those potions are very useful in combat...


    My suggestion is something like:


    30 - Toadstools

    15 - Body restoration potions

    10 - Magic essences


    Note: Of course can be any kind of plant, but toads are ''similar'' to ogre toes and same color of final potion (red) :inquisitive:


  3. Ingame name: Multanex



    Merlin's Apprentice Perk:

    Gives you extra 60 mana permanent.

    Costs: 3 pp's and 100kgc


    Hercules Perk:

    Increase your a/d by 3 points permant.

    Costs: 4 pp's and 400kgc


    Dragonborn Perk:

    Permanent increase of 50 hp for your character.

    Costs: 3 pp's and 200kgc