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  1. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    I'd just like to post my support for Vino here. This sort of thing (joke or not) ruins the fun for everyone else who plays in accordance to the rules. You can argue over whether it's harrassment or not but i think we can all agree that this was a threatening message to K&M. We can deal with it as a guild but Vino's post was about shining a light on the issue which in my opinion - has been getting worse as the years have gone on. Thank you to Revi for your post to D34dly, as that's basically all that Vino was trying to achieve with this thread and to clarify whether it is against the rules or not. Anyway, topic over. Please i can give a gentle reminder to some people though that we are not trying to tell you how to run EL - but asking questions and giving suggestions because we love the game and want to improve it for the majority of the community who are good and honourable players.
  2. 10th Annual Charity Raffle!

    As always, many thanks for organising Wolfie and all of you at *PR* - you've always done a fantastic job. K&M has already been planning our contributions and i'm sure we'll have lots of fun trying to mix up some great prizes. You're so right that we've lost many great celebs to Cancer this past year and that we're always talking about our friends & family both in EL and RL who lost their lives to Cancer. We remember them all at this time of year... Seen as this is the 10th Anniversary of the Raffle - LETS MAKE THIS ONE THE BIGGEST YET! Last year we got 30M gc worth of prizes, over 500 tickets sold, over 80 ticket holders and $2,765 raised... So I guess that's our target!
  3. 9th Annual Charity Raffle.

    Fantastic event again this year... thanks to everyone involved. 30M gc worth of prizes, over 500 tickets sold, over 80 ticket-holders and $2765 raised... Stats that almost match last year, which is a massive achievement! Each year - Cancer survival increases but the fight is not over. Here's to next year!
  4. 9th Annual Charity Raffle.

    Ah yes, i was looking in the Events section. You're right Wolfie, 33M gc in prizes and over $3000 raised. There was also 100 ticket holders.
  5. Ios on IP: ridiculously inadequate rewards

    And don't forget to hand them in on Summoning Day ofc!
  6. 9th Annual Charity Raffle.

    Does anyone remember how much we raised last year and also how much the prize value was? I know it was a record breaker but i can't find the 8th Annual Raffle in Events section, which makes me think that this was it - now edited over. Would be great to note what last years amounts were, so that we have a target to aim for. Thanks.
  7. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Many thanks from all of us at K&M guild. Maps are great!
  8. 9th Annual Charity Raffle.

    Thanks again WolfWitch and *PR* guild! Last year was the most successful yet, so it's going to be a tough one to beat. But if we see the same enthusiasm, team work and determination for the great cause - it's possible! So many of us have lost family and friends, both in RL and EL to Cancer. Lets do them proud.
  9. Bring back the fun

    The Charity Raffle last year was a record breaker! This shows that there is still a great EL community and people are still willing to contribute/take part in events, like we always have in EL. I think the 2 problems are: 1) People feel they don't have the time to organise an event. Not much that can be done about that but we should all make an effort to organise things together. The potential is there (as we saw in the raffle last year). We just need a kickstart. 2) Many events are within guilds only. The guild i'm in - K&M - hold events quite frequently but because we have a lot of members, we tend to do them as a guild only and don't involve the wider community. So basically, maybe guilds can start to take more of a lead in organising events, that way it doesn't take as much time as it is a joint effort. Overall though, i still find EL to be very fun, both as a game and as a community. I'm also very proud of my guild. There are things we can still do but on a whole, i don't personally think there is a massive problem.
  10. why is my ip banned

    Ah, i hear it has been sorted. Good good!
  11. why is my ip banned

    Hi Alduron, hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year! I'm sure a mod will reply soon and explain it to you. If you are not white-listed, then that could be the reasons as IP's change quite a bit. All the best, Jedi and K&M crew.
  12. Thats my Bag

    Patriot, wasn't YARR's offering "we won't attack you if you pay us"? Can't remember the exact figure but it was a lot! As if we are going to consider that... Anyway, like Vino said, this isn't about YARR. Vino is trying to suggest a solution to an injustice in the game which can often lead to good players leaving EL. I'm glad Vino has made these suggestions, however the problem with this solution is that if the bagjumper is a high level a/d, then who is going to pick a fight with them? At least we are talking about it though...
  13. 8th Annual Raffle

    A fantastic raffle and it managed to fetch $3140 for Cancer Research, so great work to everyone who contributed either/both prizes and bought tickets. Extra thanks go to Wolfie and *PR* for organising it so very well! Congratz to those who won prizes and hopefully we can have another raffle just as good next year!
  14. Yethq - an update

    Good to hear you are one step closer to recovery. Hopefully you will be back to full health very soon.
  15. Yethq - an update

    Do not know her personally but through friends. Get well soon Yethq! All our thoughts are with you.
  16. 8th Annual Raffle

    Okay thank you, good to know.
  17. 8th Annual Raffle

    Wow! The prize value is amazing and it is great to see that people are giving to much! \o/ As i have said, i'll hand my bit in before the deadline so i know how much i am able to donate. Although can i ask... have only 2 people bought tickets so far? Surely the tickets is the most important part because this will be the money that goes to the charity..? Maybe people are waiting closer to the time like me but just a thought...
  18. 8th Annual Raffle

    Thank you so much for organising this! K&M have already been hard at work in order to donate towards this cause, which is so close to our hearts... I'll make sure i donate something myself and buy a few tickets. I'll let you or *PR* know when and how much a bit closer to the time. Jedi
  19. Server Update Questions

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the new daily quest is? If this is not allowed to be discussed on forum then never mind - am just interested because the Server Update messages tend to be a bit vague, or maybe that is for a reason...? Also, which other maps on C1 do players below OA 20 now drop items? Am wondering because i hope it isn't on maps that newbies have to go to early on in the game... i can understand C2 (for alts) but less so for C1 as could be bad for newbies. Thanks, Jedi
  20. Server Update Questions

    Ah yes, thanks!
  21. Server Update Questions

    Okay, thanks for reply. As long as newbies are not badly affected - i'm happy I guess i'll find out the new daily quest in time, i understand if it is not possible to say in forums.
  22. Server Crash?

    Yes i disconnected too. Was quite strange, couldn't log back in for about a hour.
  23. Yes, great guild and K&M recommend LSD as our close friends
  24. #allies_list

    Maybe try removing ally and making ally again?
  25. Using same IP address

    Hi Charlotte. It shouldn't be a problem playing on your character on another IP. My sister has been playing EL on her friend's IP and vice-versa and there hasn't been a problem. I have spoken to both Radu and Aislinn about this and it wasn't a problem unless you are breaking Rule 5 through trading or helping (i asked about remote healing - which is not allowed). All the best Charlotte. Jedi