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  1. Encyclopedia Update

    At this moment just a private project. I went through and made updates based on what I remembered has been changed, what was on the wiki, and what others suggested. Official team and anyone who wants to can use whatever they want from this.
  2. I'd pay many nmts for that perk . Imo, the way EL is set up, every item in game should have an exit strategy of some sort. Doesn't really matter if it is in a mixture, degrades, or a quest item. The exit strategy doesn't have to suck btw. Something like...1 of each dropable perk removal + 5 enriched energy essences = 1 random special day stone or bad day removal. Maybe one of each droppable cape + 2 ewe + 2 EnE = 10 color change stones. Or a new daily quest which gives some magic xp that sinks some of these magic tab items . Or a new food item 'dragon blood' which gives 100 food on use and takes bluD scales to mix. Like I said though, it doesn't really matter how items are removed, just that they are. Edit: mixture/degrades/quest OR trades to npc for something else.
  3. Gold for advertising

    Sounds like radu will make a post in the market or gen chat with an initial bid of $1 and whoever bids the most wins. So the rate would change depending on the players and who were interested each time. I voted yes on this idea, but I think if it is added, we are going to need some new gc sinks.
  4. Selling high end armor and weps

    I'll buy cd cuisses pm me when u log.
  5. Invance Initiator

    ....5 is enough for all invance I've done (4060, 6080, 80100). And been wondering if there was any technical problems preventing you from having a separate invance map per range (sorry if this has been asked before). As far as I understand it, the separate maps isn't a problem, but the maximum number of mobs the server can host is. So, if both 120-200 and 40-60 were to run simultaneously, the server could crash.
  6. Weapon of Choice

    For maximum damage per second, you want to hit full rounds with the highest damage weapon you can. This depends on your attack level, dexterity, astrology, and team size. The typical order of weapon choice ranging from lower to higher hitting capabilities within a range for instances is cutlass->jagged saber->scythe/rad rapier->orc slayer->halberd->highest of the previous with fire arrows equipped. Since your attack level and dexterity is low for your range, I would expect cutlass would work best for you at this time. Bit feel free to test the others and post your results.
  7. Change Instance Cooldowns

    What we used to do was go at the same time every Sunday. Each person used 1 scale every week. Ended up approx 10k profit each on average (after scale and ings). Something to consider if you have the people available every Sunday like it sounds like you do. On topic, I don't really know why all the instances have a different number of hours required. 180 vs 160 only hurts the teams that don't farm. To hurt "farming", you need at least 30 hour difference. E.g. if you go back to back any instance (other than 120-200) you need 6 red scales...160-180 hours makes no difference.
  8. List of Suggestions

    I think untradable is a bad property. How do you want to get rid of it? And if you allow dropping the item, then it's tradable again via bags. And of course, if an item is undroppable, it won't appear in a death bag => no more need for rostogols, no more risk in PK, invasions etc. (I'm sure that didn't cross anyone else's mind before me ) Not necessarily, if enchantments were lost when an item/armour dropped in a bag, rostos would still be used.
  9. pr0 instance lost its worth

    Blue dragons take ~175-200 pka each for rangers with er and nice levels. Icies take ~70-100 pka ea. So needing to plan for 4 blue dragons requires an additional 400 pka for most teams. That in mind, the bluD should drop at least 7kgc worth in stuff (not including the scale imo, since there isn't an exit strategy for them yet)
  10. Changes made to all instances

    Imo 60-80 and 80-100 instances are well balanced as is. Only change I would recommend for those 2 is adding a minimum gc drop to the dilis/labs. 100-120 isn't bad either, but I think it could use a little changes. First, the number of ac/trice should be switched imo, since the AXA are much harder. Second, I think the lorcs should be changed out for either frost trolls or maybe 4 of the easier penguins (japitas iirc). Lastly, maybe 1-3 rd instead of just 1. This is staying within the confines of 1 mob type per wave; if we could branch it out a bit more I think 100-120 would be a good place to have some multiple critter type waves.
  11. pr0 instance lost its worth

    The oranges from my solo instances have been given as gifts to the friends who helped me with muling. As you wish, I will not make suggestions regarding 120-200 instance at this time. Good luck getting it changed to your liking.
  12. pr0 instance lost its worth

    I believe radu changed this instance because he wanted to change 120-140 but didn't want to make 120-140 harder than 120-200. So he changed 120-200 to make it much harder to give himself more wiggle room to change the 120-140. If you could look past the specifics, and more at the general idea you would be able to see how this might apply to both instances. If the instance needs to be harder, why not add more mobs and/or more types of mobs instead of just making the mobs harder? I would rather you read the list of ideas and think about it before posting that I have no idea what I am talking about. In example, why not make the first wave have the chance to spawn some number of acs & giants & red dragons? all should be able to be meleed by people in the range if they are high enough a/d, or manageable with a team of lower levels. (So maybe 50 acs spawned, 15 giants, and 5 rd or 60 ac, 10 giants, 8 rd..etc)
  13. pr0 instance lost its worth

    Some friends and I started to discuss how instances could be made more fun, and encourage us to go with larger teams. The specifics ideas we came up with are here: 1. Remove need for enters, make it so you WANT to go with more people for better loot a. Require specific number of hours to get in for the whole team. e.g. Make it so 5*160 = 800 hours are needed for the whole team. So if you go in with 4, you need 200 hours each, if 3 270 ea, if 2, 400 etc. b. More mobs if more people there c. Make mobs have rare drop chance like in invasions (so there is a real benefit to having more mobs & more people) d. Lower the dependence on rare drops from bosses for profit (higher minimum boss mob gc drop) e. If there is a cutoff of # of people (3 atm) make it so you don’t tele out, but no mobs will spawn unless there are enough people. If someone lags out and comes back the mobs will then spawn again. 2. Make each wave more random. a. More than 1 type of mob. b. Ranging mobs and melee mobs in same wave. c. Some brick feeders like wt/bears and profitables like nasps/acs 3. Add teleport pads periodically...walking 15 min muling sucks 4. Make bula unpinabble Questions, comments, flames? Rabbitman
  14. Server Crash

    It's back up.
  15. Server Crash

    instance is gonna be dead when it gets back up :/
  16. Server Crash

  17. Questions

    Melteans are teh rox. If you are interested in instances at all, I recommend starting with the 60-80 since it is the easiest (and most forgiving) to learn on.
  18. Expiring bots

    Bugs_Bunny and Shoprite paid. Your transaction ID: 5RN86166NB0058838
  19. Summoning v invasion creatures

    There are a few factors that affect this. Number one, the a/d levels. From a high level summoner, the summoned rd will have higher attack than invasion, and lower defense. This means that both dragons will probably hit each other every round minus lucky flees. So they should be evenly matched there. The next factor is the disadvantage to the summoned mobs: damage over time and smite. Iirc, dragons typically smite for ~65 damage every 30 seconds, and summons lose ~5 health every 30 sec or minute (i dont remember which). So we'll assume ~70 bonus damage per 30 sec on the summoned mob. The next facotr is the summoned mob's biggest advantage: increased crit rate. With the high level summoning needed to summon these dragons, I believe they will be critting at least 50% rounds if not more often. Since dragons typically ahve high armour, these crits should lead to a much higher damage. So my best guess is that the summoned ones would win. However, if I'm wrong about how often the invasion dragons smite, or the crit rolls, then I could be wrong. Also, astrologycould be a key factor as well (primarily crit to damage astro). It's 4 am so that's all I have and grammar is probably terrible ^^.
  20. Achievement lvl black

    That's along the lines I was thinking off, but you put it across better... So you mean, Like Rank 1 Alchemical Million for 1 Million of one alchemy mixable, with a completely different achievement of, say, Rank 1 Harvesting Million for 1 Million of a flower/mineral, etc... Which would be simpler, as it would be (attack, defense, harvesting, alchemy, summoning (stones?), magic, crafting, tailoring, engineering, potioning, ranging, manufacture) 8 Achievements, much easier than 750 achievements) We're here to help Orick, suggesting 750 achievements that are very similar will, practically, never be implemented. But 8 Achievements, for the 8 skills where you can make/harv 1 Million products (if you count summoning stones ) Hey you could shoot 1 million arrows and kill one million mobs for ranging and a/d versions right .

    The problem is that scamming is not against the rules. The ttw feature was removed because it was ONLY used for scams lately, and not its intended purpose. The fact that you were scammed out of 800k sucks, but that isn't breaking any rules. Without rule breaking, it isn't up to the developers or moderators to deal with disputes between players.
  22. KF Clash #4

    Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it. Travelling irl and doesn't fit that schedule :/. Gl with the contest though.
  23. KF Clash #4

    I'm not 100% sure I will be around at that time, but if I am here count me in.
  24. Few changes that I think would hepl, first the command could automatically post in #gm Rabbitman has set himself to #enemy_combatant! Second, the changes won't take effect for 2 in game hours (so you couldn't be killed in less than 2 sec as has been done the last few days). I also really like: Bold text is my opinions Could make it so you will still drop a brick if you die with one, but you don't need it if you die in ttw. So it would work like NDD.