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  1. Buying grapes and oranges at 5kgc each Selling: - 3 instinct removals 10kgc each - 3 Binding Stones 50k each In-game name: Jakub
  2. FE and Steel Bars

    all sold
  3. New mob the Badaran - how do we kill it

    Maybe harvesting events can hurt it?
  4. Selling some stuffs

    -13k Silver ore - 2gc each -1k iron ore - 2.9gc each -10k coal - 1.9gc each -Titanium Long Sword - 4kgc -24 S2E - 850gc each -1k Matter Essences - 8gc each -1.5k Health Essences - 7gc each -1k Life Essences - 3.9gc each -Conjurer Cloak - 2500gc -2 Fast Regeneration Cape - 2500gc each -Cape of The Unbreakable - 5500gc -Powersaving Cloak - 2500gc -Titanium Chain - 5kgc Leave Offer in here or PM me in game: Jakub
  5. Selling some stuffs

    If You are playing on PK Server then PM me
  6. Selling some stuffs

    I know the prices very well. Just Want to sell it off as fast as possible Are You sure You PM'ed Jakub and on the right server?
  7. Rare finds, what did you get

    Got 48kgc out of PKAnt_Queen and 153k out of lenny yesterday
  8. Rare finds, what did you get

    Found Lenny and got 154kgc from him, some diss rings and BRS
  9. Reaching Cap

    Sounds great for me too
  10. Reaching Cap

    I agree with Star. But fighters on the PK server will never win with mixers in topics like that, where we want to bring back NPC's, buy rare stones from shop etc. That is sick. At the end only mixers are online. Its not a mixer server, its the PK server so pure fighters/PK'ers should have the last word about it. Just my 2 cents -Jakub
  11. Rare finds, what did you get

    Thanks Found it on fluffs
  12. Rare finds, what did you get

    Well this is what i got today
  13. Rare finds, what did you get

    Found this while trying to find a lion for my daily. But no gain for me this time No one from online players could bomb him up
  14. LittleLooter's Pick+Mix

    You need to adjust all prices, not only silv/iron
  15. Binding stone Auction

    BIN I'll take both binders. 160kgc PM Me in game: Jakub
  16. Binding stone Auction

  17. Binding stone Auction

  18. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    Good idea
  19. Selling FE

    Selling: -53333 Fire Essences - 3.5gc each -12k bones - offer -2k raw meat 3gc each Buying: -5x Serpent stone - 14kgc each -EFE - 15kgc each -Enrichment Stone - 15kgc each -Binding Stone - 50kgc each PM me on PK Server: Jakub/Who_me/JkHarver
  20. Read and understand

    So from now on we all know that bot named Nial has One Perk. Cool, we know who to bomb now You should not post that info in here
  21. Selling/Buying

    Selling: Ice Dragon Set - 300kgc Buying: 2 Reasoning Removals 6 Instinct Removals In game name: JakubGieras
  22. Selling

    #Edit: SOLD
  23. Book

  24. pk action on the pk server

    You sold it for a rosto on main serv, so shame on you that you left Awww littlenuuber