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  1. Bot payments

    Krosis paid: 4MJ90750GB810673T
  2. Encyclopedia Errata

    Fixed, Viorel finally got his official storage license :=))
  3. Bot expiration

    Krosis paid: 9T113279NH0571427
  4. Indicator for Glow

    The indicator should be disabled by default, because #glow gives an error message if you don't have the perk, which would be confusing for people not having / knowing the perk. I guess the perfect way would be a method to get a silent glow-state from the server but that would need server-support...
  5. Encyclopedia Engeneering To damage Predictor Bug

    Sounds like an outdated Encyc: That one was fixed in 2014
  6. Expiring bots (end of June)

    Paid for Krosis: 3XK45869RE272651A
  7. Expiring bots

    Krosis paid: 7GS45625KP1647517
  8. SDL 2 port

    I have no idea how much work this will be and if I have enough time but I'll look into it.
  9. Expiring bots

    Paid for Josi: 2UX40341E0034310U
  10. The Encyc is updated.
  11. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    Paid for Josi and Krosis (due next month): 63248770HA736232N
  12. Side note about rain: In the 1.9.4 client you can disable rain etc (only the VISIBLE graphic effect, NOT effects like acid rain of course) in Options -> GFX -> Show Weather Effects
  13. 1.9.4 Release Candidate - Download Here!

    There should be no special preparations needed for the MAC RC. It's a complete client that connects directly to the testserver and should not interfere with the 'normal' EL client.
  14. Text Warning Sound

    I changed the snds_client.xml in the official sounds-package. The alerts have now the type 'warnings'.
  15. Roja added different eye-colors (selectable in the new-char screen) and reworked alot of animations and emotes; all this stuff needs testing, also while using horses. The new eyes only work on the test-server, as only that server can handle the eye-information atm; on main you can see the new eyes only in the new-char screen, in-game the standard eyes are used. Everything else should work on both servers. For Windows a client with eye-support and all new data files can be downloaded here (this is NOT a complete client). If you compile your own client from GIT, enable 'NEW_EYES' in make.defaults/make.conf and add the contents from this zip to your EL data folder. Edit: There are known issues with male dwarfs and female gnomes when 'use animation program' is enabled.
  16. Roja sent new datafiles (i updated the downloads) and at least in the 'new char' screen the problem seems to be fixed.
  17. While I'm not familiar with that code I have had a quick look and could not find anything obvious to me. Is anyone working on solving this problem? I didn't see anything obvious either but the animation program is beyond my knowledge. Dumb question: do we (still) NEED animation program support? On OSX it never really worked, the models seem to look better without it and i see no speed improvement when using it...
  18. The eyes are sent as the second last byte of that packet, the last byte is the medallion.
  19. Ok, errors.xml is changed. I maintain all files under 'languages' in the Encyc-repo...
  20. Update customs with problem

    None of these messages are a real problem, the client uses safe fallbacks. The warnings about 'missing' variables mean, that the (default) el.ini still contains variables that the client no longer uses, so it can't find them in it's internal list.
  21. Mac Clients Crashing

    Yes, the client contains the fix.
  22. Mac Clients Crashing

    Try 'Settings' in the Login screen and then activate 'Poor Man' on the 'Troubleshoot' tab.
  23. Youre too far away get closer

  24. Encyclopedia Errata

    Confirmed and fixed.
  25. Horse whistles related issue

    It is NOT the whistle itself that has the 'steps left counter', it's the char using a whistle, so from a buy/sell point of view all whistles are equal.